Herbert the sinking of the Luistania, I

Herbert Croly
I was born on January 23, 1869, in New York. Both my mother and my father were journalists. My father’s name is David
Croly and my mother’s name is Jane Cunningham. Some of my early on goals included graduating from Harvard University, and
becoming a well-known journalist, both of which were later achieved. After graduating from Harvard University, I became the editor
of Agricultural Record. In 1909, I published the book titled The Promise of American Life. In this book I
stressed several of my political views, such as the need for a planned economy, increased spending on education, and a society based on
“brotherhood of mankind.” Many people believe that this book influenced Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. In 1914, a
good friend of mine by the name of Williard Straight, asked me to be the first editor of the New Republic. When the New
Republic was first published in November 1914, only 875 copies were made. After a year of circulation this magazine
published more then 15,000. This became a strong supporter of the views of Theordore Roosevelt and the Progressive movement.
When World War I first broke out, I was against Americas entry. I wanted the United States to remain neutral. After I heard about the
sinking of the Luistania, I supported Americas entry, and the New Republic became a supporter of Woodrow
Wilson and his decision to declare war on Germany. After the war, I began to be very critical of Woodrow Wilson and his decisions.
As it is stated, I said that the Treaty of Versailles was ” a treaty on annihilation.” I also disliked the League of Nations, saying that it was
an organization that “would perpetuate rather then correct the evils of the treaty.” Sales of the New Republic increased
during the war, but declined in the 1920’s. I remained editor of this magazine up until my death on May 17, 1930.


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