Hello disease such as smallpox. Back then around

Hello and good morning everyone. It may surprise you
that vaccines
prevent more than 2.5 million deaths each year. Also, there are existing
vaccines that could stop rotavirus and pneumonia in which two conditions that
kill nearly 3 million children under the age of five every year. However, I
strongly believe that people should give vaccination to their kids.  There are three good reasons to support my
statement. It can save your child’s
life, very safe and effective and it could protect other in your surrounding.


Firstly, we only live once. With vaccine, it can
save your child’s life. According to UNICEF Malaysia in 2014 stated that  each
year, vaccination saves 2-3 million children from deadly childhood
diseases like measles, diarrhoea and pneumonia.  The vaccine itself can
give full secure towards rare and harmful disease such as smallpox. Back then
around 60 years ago, small pox was an infectious disease caused by variola. Technology
and medical science field become more advance, 
your child can be protected against more disease than ever before. Some
of disease that caused many kids injured or nearly death, have been remove and
eliminated completely from growing in our society.

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Now let’s think about vaccine safe and effective in
action. According to Vaccines Vaccin by Ahmad in 2017, vaccination
is one of the most cost-effective strategies in reducing child mortality. For
your information, not all vaccines are given as shots and some
vaccines are given orally. Basically, different kind of disease need different
technique of vaccine. Therefore, vaccine has been tested for its effectiveness for
every single type of disease. For an example, polio virus is treat with oral
polio vaccine since 2 month baby. In addition, vaccines will involve some
discomfort and may cause pain, redness, or tenderness at the site of injection
but this is minimal compared to the pain, discomfort, and trauma of the diseases
these vaccines prevent.


Last but not least, a third reason to support
vaccination is it could protect other in your surrounding. According to Deputy
Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya in The Star by 2016, he stress that
if parents choose to let their children grow up un-immunised, their inaction
could have far-reaching, damaging consequences for others in their family and
community Formerly, a group of community may spread disease to surrounding
people easily due to lack of vaccine practises. Vaccines cause “herd immunity,”
which means if the majority of people in a community have been vaccinated
against a disease, an unvaccinated person is less likely to get sick because
others are less likely to get sick and spread the disease.


In closing, I hope I have shown you why vaccination
is the good practises in our community. So far, you will save your child’s
life, vaccine are safe and effective and it can protect other in your
surrounding. I truly hope that one day in our county, we will live peacefully
in Malaysia. Thank you.



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