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He was the seeker. He was like any other man, and it could have been you!Outwardly, his life was little different from that of every other people – working, toiling, laboring – yet his struggle to find life was deeper and more acute; the pain was greater, the suffering unbearable, and his sensitivity more intense.Nothing could lift him spiritually, and the responsibility of success which other men had would not touch him. He was the outcast, the lonely, and the dejected, for love had passed him by as there was nothing in his life that love could anchor upon.Yet he was always the seeker. The seeker of something that lay continually beyond his reach. Eagerly he sought that mystical something in the heart of a rose, the face of a child, and the tenderness of a woman. He could not find the love that his life was spent in seeking.His search had carried him across the world and back again to the river, where he sat on the bank wondering if the answer would ever be found, until that day when the Tibetan in the maroon robe came and sat beside him. He knew that whatever it was, deep within him were worlds invincible, and all that he sought was love.The Tibetan rubbed his strong chin and said, “thou art the seeker, but there are others too, countless millions, walking before thee, behind thee, and beside thee. The answer is God – God lies within you!As the seeker looked at the slow, muddy waters of the river flowing through the heart of the land, he wonder and ponder on the words of the Guru; in the midst of this rambling and chaotic thoughts the world became light and a strange humming sound entered into his heart, giving him peace. All wisdom, understanding, love, and knowledge were revealed to him in the gentle murmuring water, ever moving toward the sea.”Ah, Sire,” he said, “I beg thee, wise one, give me the wisdom of God!” The Guru opened his mouth and began to speak…


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