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Having spent a majority of my life growing
up in different countries across the globe, I have had the opportunity to
interact with people from various cultures and walks of life. This has helped
me to adapt quickly to a multitude of situations and be flexible to challenges
that come with interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.  Furthermore, due to my keen involvement in
extra-curricular activities involving management and leadership roles in school
and college, I have further developed creative problem solving and crisp
communication abilities over time.

It is on the basis of these skills that I
was sent to the client site (Mashreq Bank) to represent Oracle as a consultant
within two months of our training after joining. This was not usual, as
normally it takes a fresher at least a year in an offshore project before he or
she is sent on site. At Mashreq Bank, I was inducted into a small team of seven
people who had the chief task of acting as a buffer between Oracle and Mashreq
Bank. Therefore, apart from the development work, I interacted with the client
on a daily basis regarding the issues that they faced and also about future
specifications. Hence over time, I gained crucial insights on their relevant
business processes and within one year was handed over the full responsibility
of managing the end of day processes of the bank.

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Although our client was satisfied with the
existing end of day processes established, I was keen on optimizing the process
by reducing overheads without any compromise of quality. This was a challenging
task. However, by making significant changes to the batches being run,
automating insignificant sub-processes and by performing various tunings, I was
able to significantly improve the efficiency of the process by about twenty-eight
percent. During this time, I made several trips to the Mashreq headquarters in
Dubai to present these changes to the upper management of the bank. Needless to
say, this change was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the upper management of
both Oracle and Mashreq Bank.

In addition to my professional
contributions to the project, I have also established a “Paper Tree” project at
Mashreq Bank. This was an initiative I had taken in school with a couple of my
friends. “Paper Tree” was a self-sufficient project, which runs till date at my
school. It involves the collection and recycling of all waste paper at the end
of every week. The money collected was then used to buy and maintain plants
across the school. With the help of the Human Resources team, we have set up
the same system at the Mashreq Banks office in Bangalore, where the money
collected is used to buy stationary items for NGOs.

Therefore, with a passion for innovation, a
desire for continuous improvement and success at organization building along
with exposure to international clients, I plan on bringing my unique skill-sets
to contribute effectively to the ISB experience.


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