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Have you ever wondered what other countries political structure is like, compared to another country? Or if they have different laws/regulations then the country that you are from? The two countries that I will be comparing and contrasting today is South Korea and Ancient Rome. South Korea and Ancient Rome are both admirable places that have very similar government structures, but the positions of the people are different. They both have a democracy and operated as one big “country” because they did not have any city-states.South Korea has a democracy, which means in South Korea they have three different branches of government which are, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. The Executive branch consists of the President being able to make certain decisions and who is the highest member of the National Assembly. The President must also be able to meet certain standards such as being a citizen of South Korea, lived there for five or more years, and at be least 40 years of old. His/Her duty is to make sure the country is running smoothly, pass and veto laws, etc. According to Worldatlas.com, the Legislative Branch has 300 members who serve a four-year term. The purpose of this branch is to pass and amend laws, approve state appointments, etc. Lastly, Korea.net states that the Legislative Branch is composed of the supreme courts, family courts, etc. The Supreme Court consists of thirteen Justices Continuing, in Ancient Rome they had a mixed republican government system. But, their branches are similar to South Korea’s branches. They had two Consuls, a Senate, and an Assembly. The two Consuls served a one year term and were the head of the government who got to oversee work by other government officials(Ms. Hourhan). The next branch is the Senate, which consists of three hundred members that get to make decisions concerning relationships with foreign powers. South Korea was also the Democratic Republic, which was a form of government that both used principles from a Republic and a Democracy. They had a Republic government, which meant that the Romans could choose who could represent them. The reason why Rome wanted to have their government structured like this is that they wanted a strong community with citizenship. Though the two nations share similar governmental features, they also have similarities. Both their governments have checks and balances in place. In South Korea, they put checks and balances in place to maintain all three branches. Along with checks and balances come the three branches of government. This means that every branch has an equal amount of power due to checks and balances. Also, similar to ancient Rome, in South Korea, the people get to choose who to be their head


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