Harvey the purpose of putting women down and

Harvey Weinstein
has to this day eighty-four accusers’ claiming sexual harassment and/or rape by
him for decades. Weinstein scandal brought light to an issue that woman all around
the world have been suffering yet still is often overlooked (Woody Allen) or
even excused (Trump), Harvey is an exception but since he still had been on trial
all might change. By understanding rape dynamics, rape perspectives, rape
culture and patriarchy is possible to see that rape is all about power and
control, not about ‘uncontrollable lust’ or even sex.

            Where do young people learn and what
they learn about sex? Schools usually do not like to approach such polemical subjects
for several reasons and parents just a few awkward about talking about sex with
their kids in general. Leaving teenagers to acquire the basics and fundamental information
about sexuality, consent, gender roles from mainstream media. As Julia T. Wood
pointed in ‘Gendered Media: The Influence of Media on Views of Gender’ media
usual create “misrepresent actual proportions of men and women in the
population” which leads to a false sense that they are more man than women
moreover that white man is the cultural standard. Rape culture is a set of
beliefs that reaffirms male sexual violence towards females – is important to
note that man also rapes but this paper will focus on female victims. Today aggressive
behaviour during sex is seen as sexy and sex is more likely to be related to violence
than before, not just in porn, movies such as Fifth Shades of Gray or TV shows
like Game of Thrones dismiss sexual abuse in favor of ‘drama’ and/or viewers
without approaching the problem with cameras or off. That problem is that type
of media desensitizes viewers on violence and helps to perpetual the myth that
sexual violence is an unpleasant fact, when is actually an expression of
attitudes and values which can change. Rape culture is also seen in words such
as ‘bitch’, ‘freak’, ‘whore’, and ‘baby’ those words have the purpose of
putting women down and dehumanize them, sending a clear message that females
are less than human. Thus helping man to treat them with less respect, ignoring
their rights, and disregarding their well-being all together since women are
seen as inferior.  

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