Happiness be happy”. His reply silenced the

Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it
difficult to define? What factors are necessary for it?


John Legend, when he was young, used to be posed a question like
this, ” What do you want to be when you grow up?”. While everyone in the class
replied they wanted to be a doctor or an engineer, John stood up and said, “I
want to be happy”. His reply silenced the whole class because at that moment,
everyone suddenly realized how important happiness was and whatever you do,
your aim is basically to pursue happiness. However, happiness is famous for its
hard-to-define and controversial concept as so many people have so many
different ideas about what can make a person happy. In this essay, I will
discuss about the concept of happiness and the factors needed to fully gain

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What is happiness? Human beings, even the scientists, have yet to
find out the answer for this as happiness highly depends on the person who own
it rather than itself. This means that happiness is acquired when one’s demand
and need is satisfied. For example, for a kid growing up in a rich family with
his parents beside him, his happiness is likely to be gained by hanging out
with his friends, winning medals in science or sports at school, receiving a
new MacBook for his 16th birthday,… However, for a kid who was born in a poor
family without a father, his concept of happiness is simply to be able to go to
school everyday, to have enough meal to live on or to improve his mother’s
health,… Therefore, we can see clearly that even for the children, happiness is
defined distinctly and never has a true concept. Nevertheless, there is one
common point which will be the key for this locked door, it is happiness is the
feeling of contentment and satisfaction with a few seconds of joy which
everyone of us is aiming to throughout our life.


So then, how can we obtain that feeling of satisfaction and
contentment in our daily basic?  There are many factors and elements that
compose of happiness, one of them is to take stock and slowing down. As the
world keeps spinning at a faster and faster rate, people sometimes are too busy
carrying on their work that they forget to slow down for a bit and examine
their life, thinking, for instance, “Have I had breakfast today?”, “Did I
forget to kiss my daughter goodbye before I went to work?”. People can actually
gain happiness through the littlest actions and choices they make everyday but
they usually skip those and rush in their daily activities with the excuses of
“too busy studying, too busy working, having to much homework,…”, and
ironically, these activities that take away their happiness are, for them, a
means to pursue happiness. What a paradox! Another factor leading to happiness
is to live for the moment. Many people cannot fully enjoy their moments of
happiness because they are affected by the feeling and fear that this will not
last for long, but who cares? Just live and enjoy every single joyful moment
you have, as once you lose it, you can never retrieve it.And remember, if you
are worried that your happiness will end, that moment of your fear raising,
happiness dies. Furthermore, you can acquire your happiness by building good
relationships and spending more time with your family and friends, as you will
never know how to appreciate them until you lost them. Having someone around,
just to talk to or to express all your sadness is a way to pursue a fulfilling
and satisfying joy.


In conclusion, there are many ways to pursue happiness. However,
it all depends on you is your life really worth-living, therefore, make good
choices, do good things and surround yourself with the people you love since
there is no way else to be happy than just be happy.