Well stop being jerks but thats ok cause

Well goree island Was used to keep slaves from the mid 1500’s to the Mid 1800’s it was thought that this island was used to keep slaves in storage sort of like a where house and kept there a lot of people died before they were even sold into slavery do diseases women and children were put in an 8×8 sq.ft. these people were subject to abuse and many people where beheaded and killed vicously and murderd but it all ended in the mid 1800’s but this was a tragic time innocent people were killed for no damn reason i wish all this slavery thing would have never happend alot of social problems could have been avoided if people could be kind to one another all this could have been avoided if people would stop being jerks but thats ok cause that was alll just bad karma its like the saying says what goes around comes around and it commes back to bite you where the good lord split you i wish there was something i could do to have done something so all theses innocennt people would have never had to suffer but shit happens we cant go back and change the future unfortunatetly but if i could every person that had to do slavery trades i would kill every single last one of those bastards and burn up their bodies so no one would ever know what happend to those stupd pieces of shit they whereWords
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