Gordon appropriated training for the safety operation. This

Gordon Baldwin was the cable technician that worked at Pacific Bell for 10 years then he resigned to do the jewelry business but the income was not good enough to take care the family then he looking for another job and he was hired as cable TV field technician at the local cable television firm.Gordon’s new job is similar with his old one at the Pacific Bell but the nature of the company is difference. And his new company is quite large. The company was the 12th largest in the nation and the branches office spread across 13 states of USA.The Cable TV company doesn’t give Gordon the appropriated training for the safety operation. This is unlike the Pacific Bell that provide employee the extensively safety training.  After few months of work at the Cable company he notices that the operation of his colleagues are operate with high risk to get the danger injuries or loss such as using extension ladders, climbing the telephone pole and other activities. Gordon reported these action to his boss Ron and offer recommendations to fix these problems and he assumes his new company will respond more quickly.The senior management of cable company aware of the big lost million dollars annually due to the on-the-jobs injuries.  Lawrence Walsh the CEO of the cable company was pressured by parent company’s director of risk management to do something to improve this issue. The director advised that some of the operation operate at an OSHA rate of 23. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration –OSHA) it means 23 percent of the workforce was sustaining a relatively serious injury on the job. Because of this OSHA issue that bring Gil the executive vice president of engineering who is the subordinate of the CEO Lawrence Walsh. As Walsh struggle to find the strategy to decrease safety losses. Not only for the pressure from senior management but also the report from Joan vice president of the southern California region who was elected to become the sponsor of the southern California regional safety committee.  Joan enlisted one of her staff Terry to head the regional safety committee. Terry sought out volunteers from the region to form the committee. Terry had chance to talked about the safety with Gordon and passed along some of their discussion to Joan. She suggested that Terry may enlist Gordon to serve the safety committee. Terry discussed the safety committee idea with Ron. And it was decided to add Gordon to the committee if he agreed