XdvFrom – at this time climbeth –

XdvFrom Titus Andronicus
(Act II, scene I)
Now – at this time
climbeth – to ascend with effort
Tamora – name of the queen of the Goths
Olympus’ – the mountain which was the residence of
the ancient Greek gods
top – summit
Safe – to render secure
out – beyond
of – Indicating a situation, condition, or state, the
departure or emergence from
fortune’s – the good or ill that befalls man
shot – the action of shooting as a means of attack
and – as well as
sits – to be in a position of rest
aloft – above
Secure – free from danger
thunder’s – the loud noise following a flash of lightning
crack – disruption; breach
or – and
lightning – the flash of light that precedes thunder
flash – an dazzling burst of light energy
Advanced – to lift; to raise (singular past)
above – comparatively higher
pale – not fresh of colour; wan
envy’s -malice; spite; hate
threatening – menacing, dangerous
reach – the extent to which an agency or power is
As – in the quality of
when – at the time of
the – definite article, employed in general as
at present’
golden – resembling gold in color or brightness
sun – the luminary that makes the day’; the star
at the center of our solar system
salutes – to greet, to make courteous notice of
morn – the first part of the day; the morning
having – endowment
gilt – gold laid upon a surface
ocean – the great sea
with – being held together
his – masculine possessive pronoun
beams – ray of light, emitted from the sun
Gallops – to run through
zodiac – the twelve astrological signs through which
the sun passes
in – within
glistering – shining; sparkling
coach – a close carriage
overlooks – to view from a higher point
highest-peering – of the greatest altitude
hills – mountains
So – in the same degree
Upon – to exist together or alongside of each other
as compatible facts; to co-exist
her – female possessive
wit – marked mental faculty of any kind
doth – does
earthly – pertaining to the earth
honour – people of high reputation and renown
wait – to stay in expectation of
virtue – any good merit or accomplishment
stoops – to bow; to yield; to submit
trembles – to quiver; to quake
at – a point of place or time
frown – a stern and surly look
Then – at that time
Aaron – name of the Moor who recites this speech
arm – to armor; to equip
thy – your
heart – the source of will and inclination, also the
source or love and amorous desire
fit – to prepare
thoughts – ideas
To – motion towards action, place, or state
mount – to ascend
imperial – pertaining to an empire or emperor
mistress – a woman who has command and governs
pitch – height, unto a height
whom – direct object interrogative
thou – you, speaking to self in second person
triumph – victory; conquest
long – not for a shot amount of time; an extended
period of time
Hast – have
prisoner – a person confined
held – kept in; detained
fetter’d – to be shackled; to be tied down
amorous – pertaining to love
chains – a series of links or rings connected; a device
made to restraint (metaphor)
faster – closely; tightly
bound – to be confined; to be restrained
charming – magical; bewitching
eyes – the organ of sight; the window to the soul;
Than – indicating an object of perception separated
from the subject
is – singular present indicator of verb “be”
Prometheus – the demigod who stole fire from heaven
tied – bound; restrained
Caucasus – chain of mountains between Europe and Asia
Away – to discard
slavish – slave-like
weeds – clothing
servile – as a peasant
thoughts – anything conceived in the mind
I – pronoun of the first person
will – to wish; to desire
be – become
bright – of splendid beauty
shine – to glitter
pearl – a white, shining body; often worn as a jewel
gold – the most precious metal
this – indicating a thing or person just mentioned
new-made – restored to a previous state
empress – the consort of an emperor or female
said – spoken; uttered
wanton – to play (suggestive)
queen – a female sovereign or the consort of a king
goddess – a female deity
Semiramis – queen of Assyria, known for her cruelty
nymph – a goddess of the mountains, woods or waters
siren – a mermaid
that – indicating a thing or person present
charm – to affect with magic power
Rome’s – pertaining to the capital city of Italy, chief
seat of power during the Holy Roman
Saturnine – name of the newly chosen emperor
see – to perceive with the eye
shipwreck – the destruction of a ship by rocks or shelves
commonweal’s – commonwealth; republic; body politic


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