Genetic Engineering refers to the direct manipulation of

Genetic Engineering refers to the direct manipulation of DNA to convert an organism’s characteristics (phenotype) in a specialized way. Genetic engineering can be made to humans, animals, and plants. Dolly the sheep is an example of cloning of animals. Farmers use genetically modified crops as a way to improve their crops to keep them alive, to last more and increase yield. Some reasons that lead farmers to modify their plants, are drought, bad soil, reduced fertilizer, herbicide and unfriendly environments. Without the use of these modifications, crops would decrease in number and sometimes die. This will lead to hunger because people are not getting enough food. Many people especially farmers nowadays apply genetic engineering to achieve a trait not normally held by an organism, such as longer shelf life, disease resistance or different colors and flavors. Some examples of genetically modified crops are golden rice, bigger, longer-lasting tomatoes, and banana vaccine. Genetic engineering should be supported for the benefits it has, that are hugely helpful for people. The ideas that will be discussed are huge amount of nutritious foods, large production, and extensive protection for crops.

“In 2006, 53% of the crops grown in the United States were genetically modified, according to the Human Genome Project.” The huge amount of nutritious foods is an advantage of genetic engineering. These foods allow the consumers to manage their diet more effectively since all of the crops that it can offer 100% nutritious and healthy for their health. An example of nutritious food is the golden rice that was discovered in the 1990s by Peter Bramely. The product that is added to the golden rice is beta-carotene, that is important in the diet as a precursor of Vitamin A. The deficiency of Vitamin A  is estimated to kill 670,000 children under the age of 5 every year. Beta-carotene is known that it is found and consumed in many nutritious foods eaten in the world, including fruits and vegetables. Beta-carotene in food is a safe and reliable source of vitamin A. Do you wish getting a lack in vitamin A that caused many people to get sick and sometimes die? Not a single person will wish or even think to get a lack in vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for normal vision, the immune system, and reproduction. It also helps the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs to work properly. In addition, using genetic modified nutritious foods can help in preventing diseases and lacking of vitamins.

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In the last five years, genetically modified crops started to increase rapidly as more research is being initiated. The large production helps the farmers to produce double the amount of food and crops that is grown, in a much easier way. What will happen when the population of the people increases and there is not enough crops for them? Did you think of this conflict that may occur over time? Many people didn’t consider the growth over the population. Where as over the generations, the population of people grows quickly in large amounts. When farmers do not use genetic engineering in food and crops there won’t be enough amount to satisfy  people hungriness. In the other hand, genetically modified crops and foods is a solution since it doubles the amount of crops grown. Sometimes the genetically modified crops taste like the substance that is added, but over all the substance that is added is something we benefit from not a useless substance so, the taste won’t really matter. Although some substances may not be environment-friendly substances, but at the end before the product is sold to the consumers it should be 100% sure that it is safe and no harm is added.

Some genetically modified crops gives extensive protection and also allows the farmers and merchants to preserve the good quality of foods in their products more efficiently with the use of some special substances. An example of this is the longer-lasting tomatoes, which is called FlavrSavr tomato. “Scientists at the National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR) in New Delhi have found that by suppressing two enzymes (alpha-Man and beta-Hex) associated with ripening, they could push tomatoes to last close to 45 days before they turned mushy.”  Many people do not have the time or money to go and buy tomatoes every 15 days or less. Do you want food that would last for long time or damages in a really short time? Everyone of course won’t like short lasting crops that will get damaged quickly. Some crops like bananas get damaged quickly and rottens, so farmers could use genetic engineering to make it last longer.

In conclusion, supporting the idea of genetic engineering crops will be beneficial in many ways and also useful. Nutritious food, huge amount of production and extensive protection for crops are the main ideas that are discussed through the essay to show how important they are in our daily lives. All the ideas can be related to each other and be a powerful resource to convince the world to use genetic engineering in the crops they are growing everyday. Each day passes the more the population of people grows and the more amount of people going through diet. Ending this essay with the information that may change the worlds way of thinking. Many people now are against this topic and many are trying to convince the people by showing the disadvantages of the topic.

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