Gender the challenges of making the workplace

       Gender equality is still an enormous issue
in the modern business world.  Women have
to work harder to prove themselves equal to men in the work setting, especially
in corporate America.  Blind hiring is
starting to become a trend with many companies to get rid of bias judgments. Blind
hiring consists of many components. One component would be masking candidates
during the blind hiring process. Masking may include taking away names from
résumés, voice masking technology, and allowing candidates qualifications to be
focused on rather than their gender.  In
the article, “Job Interviews without Gender”, blind Hiring is closely elaborated on. Once an
in-person interview is established and executed, the employer now knows your
true identity and can determine whether or not they are willing to hire you
once you reveal yourself.  Blind hiring may
get women through the first round, but the hiring process will get more

Despite the difficulty, blind hiring will help women by giving an equal
playing field as men. Women have the ability to increase the diversity in the
workplace by expressing their knowledge to be successful. Companies should
accept women in a male dominated industry; the doors should remain open males and
females to show their skills. One of the biggest hurdles with blind hiring
would be masking what a good candidate looks like.

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       Gender causes many roadblocks during the
hiring process, especially in a male dominated industry.  Gender plays a major role in the business
world.  It authorizes companies to get
over the challenges of making the workplace more diverse.  The employers are not making female workers
feel adequate in their workplace.  As a result,
gender-masking tools, such as blind hiring do not accomplish anything with
working towards diversity past the first part of the interview stage. Women are
more than just caregivers to the society.


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