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Gender roles, gender status and patriarchal societies are areas where societies persistently contradict across the globe.  Patriarchy literally means a society in which the male is the figurehead of the household or a society dominated by men. According to this system, adult men hold dominance over women, children and premises. These so-called customary gender statuses demonstrate men as protective, powerful and coherent. On the other hand, women are portrayed as weak and emotional beings along with this Woman are also contemplated as support systems. Gender roles are a bunch of typical behavioral and communal rules in different countries which are generally appraised to be pertinent for a specific gender. So ergo it can be expected that foreigners in Europe and other continents carry disparate perspectives from the citizens. These pervasive differences can be one of the reasons for these altercations in other countries; however, these prevalent differences are also connected with belief systems. And Societies are already adjusted to this sort of perception.

Globally, several continents are affected by these belief systems. Women in developed areas like the USA deal with strong gender bias as they are viewed as short-term employees; this is because a role of women is generally seen as a home worker, rather than a qualified person. Along with this some people in developed countries still believe that women should not be offered education as men are the breadwinners of the household while women in the house are usually of no value. This kind of perception leads to people believing that wage gaps are fair; wage gaps are still common in developing areas like America.  Continentally, due to some belief systems in Africa people believe that girls are unworthy to be educated. Many fathers evade sending their daughters to school because they surmise that the education for girls is not as pertinent as it is for boys. According to other beliefs in Africa, they conjecture that if women will cognize their position in society then they would inevitably begin to terminate this partiality. Other than this child marriage is another predominant issue which mainly women face in Africa. Parent’s belief that girls are an economic burden and marrying girls will make them opulence but this is not the root cause, parents also believe that an unmarried girl is a symbol of ignominy so ergo they marry their daughters when they are adolescents. In south Asia horrendous belief like suttee is still practiced in some parts of India.  Suttee is an Indian belief in which a widow 

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