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Garrison is a group of soldiers living in or protecting a town or building, or the buildings that the soldiers live in. While cannibalism is the act of an individual consuming the flesh or internal organs of another individual. A person who practices cannibalism is called a cannibal. The abstraction of cannibalism, its moral constraint, and its cultural expression in history and myth are certainly universal. There is a strong case for recognizing the relevance of the process of cannibalism in metaphorical form. It is currently common in threatening discourse between challengers and rivals, with one claiming to “eat up” the other, to “swallow them” in some way adoring the possibility. Cannibals may be on-trend right now, but we’re not likely to see them altered as teen loves. There’s nothing sexy about cannibalism, no sense of prohibited secrecy. And that’s because cannibals are still just people, no matter how many pieces of teeth they pick out of their mouth. On the most basic level, they’re still just as human as their meals. The metaphorical cannibalism appears across cultures and everyone identifies it with particular elements of their lives.William Lloyd Garrison was a journalist, social reformer, and a leading figure in the abolitionist movement. He emphasizes that institutionalized persecution can resentfully affect anyone, not just slaves. The condition of the slaves, in a religious point of view, is disgraceful, authorizing them to a higher consideration than any other race. Some people believed slavery should be suppressed gently, some conceived slaves should be partly free until informed and competent of being captivated into society, others that they ought to be freed but settled in colonies outside the United States.Across cultures the notion of humans eating other humans penetrates reaction and opinion, assuming many forms of expression in language, myth, symbol, and observance. The attribution of cannibalism draws a boundary between “us” and “them,” the civilized and uncivilized, in a manner that depicts humans as emerging from a disordered and vicious period governed by a race of human-eating mammoth. These metaphors of cannibal forerunner compose a story that people tell themselves through myth to describe their past and present situations. So conventional are these patterns of thought across time and culture that we have come to understand cannibalism as the classic symbol of disparity and fortified metaphor of cultural enmity.


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