Freedom to the public, everyone is different. They

Freedom of speech is
something that is given to everyone something that everyone should have, but
there are times when freedom of speech should be limited and times it should
not. It doesn’t matter if they’re poor or have a lot of money, if they’re old
or young, everybody has a different opinion and they have the right to express
it. Freedom of speech means that everyone has the right to express their
opinion without having to fear what the government might do. It is said that
speech is not only limited to the public, everyone is different. They all have
different methods, ideas and think differently. Freedom of speech is more like
freedom of your thoughts. If everyone can just be comfortable with others
freedom of thoughts, everyone has the right to follow his/her thoughts. Why do
we have to hate someone who is expressing their opinion despite the fact that
there just opinions, never right or wrong.

internet and social media is a great example of when freedom of speech should
be restricted. In today’s society, the only answer that is acceptable is that
the definition of freedom of speech has changed due to society. they have
changed the way of how to express their ideas. The world has become intolerant,
and its worse on social media where everyone acts like having a heated debate
and are eager to win. “It comes as no surprise that the Internet is being used
to recruit, disseminate and incite hatred. The Internet is the biggest information
and communication device in the world and neo-Nazis saw the potential in its
very early stages” (Ronald Eissens) The internet is one of the biggest formats
for freedom of speech. Things like message boards and comments, even extremist
websites. Hate on the internet has become the spark to ignite real crime.

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             This is why there should be limits on freedom
of speech today. Freedom of speech is the cause of pointless fights just
because a person needs to prove his/her opinion right by any means. What this
really means is that today everyone insults each other just because they have
different opinions. All this hate takes a lot of energy that people are using
to make sure their opinion stands by insulting others. What the world needs to
be doing is learning to accept others opinions and just leave it at that. That
is not the case today people are using freedom of speech bring forward
aggressiveness and intolerance. Although this may be true it’s hard to decide
when freedom of speech should have limits and when it should not.

newspaper, and other information sources is another great example of when
freedom of speech should be limited. Freedom of speech has a long history of
violence behind it, take the Charlie Hebdo shooting for example. “On January
7th an Islamic terrorist group forced their way into a French newspaper Charlie
hebro. They took 11 hostages and killed 12 more, this was all caused by the
repost of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons of Muhammad”(Wikimedia Foundation).
Freedom of speech and expressing one’s thoughts is not a bad thing, it’s just
that in certain circumstances it can be very dangerous. Its times like these
that there should be certain restrictions and limitations on what someone can
say or put out there for the world to see.

schools and universities are an exceptional time when freedom of speech should
not have limitations. Some would say that restricting freedom of speech is not
the way to protect society from incidents that could present itself in the
political climate. That if the world wants the leaders of tomorrow to have our
values that there should be more freedom of speech in schools not less (CNN
wire). People say That if society wants better schools and better university’s
restricting speech is like restricting creativity. Schools hold the future of
the world, solutions to problems that are happening right now. Restricting the
future generation is like restricting the future of society and how what
happens next? gets decided.

conclusion freedom of speech has forever changed the world and society
interacts. For instance, you have the right to have a licensed gun doesn’t mean
you have the right to use it to hurt someone. It’s the gun owner’s
responsibility to use it the right way, freedom of expression should be used in
a respectful way so that hatred is not spread. Words are like magic, they can
be used to change something or someone for the better. On the other hand, they
can be used to ignite violence and war, it up to society to make a choice of
what they want to do.




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