Frankenstein’s most stripped down form and society looks

Frankenstein’s monster is a human being in its most stripped down form and society looks past his affectionate nature and only sees his grotesque appearance and atrocious vibe. Having to constantly be the “odd one out” from the moment he was created has shaped him into a creature who only knows how it feels to be hated rather than how it feels to be loved. Since no one else accepts him for who he is, he wants Frankenstein to create someone similar so he can stop feeling like an outcast. The monster wants to have someone he could talk to. He needs someone to stand by him and accept him for who he really is. It showcases that he is not a monster, but more like a human being. Like a human, he wishes to have someone he could share good and bad times with. This helps me understand the story because it gives me a perspective that he is not inherently villainous that people thinks he is. The creature never wanted to mistreat and harm anyone; he was just trying to keep himself protected from those people who longs to annihilate him. It is powerful because it points out the problem and consequence of not being accepted by anyone. If someone is not accepted then they will feel resentment and frustration. It showcases that this can be prevented if everyone is being treated the way they want to be treated. The importance of this quote is that it helps me understand the conflict in society, a conflict that is still present today. Humans have never failed to stereotype people before they have a chance to really get to know them. If a person  has a physical or mental disability, he is labeled different and is left out to partake in activities with others. More people need to realize that everyone is different from each other; someone may look different or feel differently about something, and that does not matter at all because in the end we are just all humans who wants to be loved and respected no matter how different we are from each other. It enlightened me that the real monster is society and its ability to judge people quickly based on their weight, skin color, fluency, and economic status.