Forbes focuses on the non-conventional methods of


Forbes article titled “Is Your Job a Hazard
to Your Health?” written by Jan Bruce

provides reasons to why job stress is slowly
killing employees today. She focuses on

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the non-conventional methods of health
impacts when it comes to the workplace,

specifically targeting psychological
repercussions. Bruce uses empirical data to back

her thesis and supporting points. In her
article, she states that the jobs are hazardous

to worker’s health because of workers having
depression and anxiety disorder from

high-strain situations and additions to
workers having cardiovascular disease

with low control and with low social support
experience at heir workplace.

tMany companies only give physical training
and teaching employees

about the health and safety within the
workplace, but employers are not actually helping

the workers to become less stressed and less
pressured about their work. Employers

only train the workers based on how they can
physically do the work properly or using

protective equipment to avoid hazards.In
order for the workers to improve their job satisfaction and

performance they would need to get the
resilience or flexible training which would help them improve

their negative pattern to good ones, which
is usually caused by the stress within the

workplaces. Resilience training will protect
your brain. “Long-established science proves

that resilience—the ability to cope and
thrive in stressful situations—is a measurable set

of skill-based competencies, including
impulse control, empathy, positivity, and realistic

optimism, that can be learned; and everyone
has the ability to increase his or her

resilience.”Based on this article employees
can overcome their stress by

taking the resilience training which
benefits the workers and the company to strive for

better goals in the future. Resilient
workers will have less stress at work and also have

higher job satisfaction. Workplaces can be
tedious and very stressful but just from


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