For kill Jane. Because he is hypnotized, and

my beyond the classroom assignment, I chose to watch The Cabinet of Dr.

Caligari (written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer). The film is a 1920 German silent
horror film that is shown in black and white. This horror film is about a
hypnotist (Dr. Caligari) who puts a sleepwalker (Cesare) under a trance in
order to commit murders. The narrator, Francis, and his friend Alan choose to
visit a carnival one day, and at this carnival they see Dr. Caligari and
Cesare. Dr. Caligari displays Cesare as his “attraction” at the carnival and
tells the viewers that Cesare can answer any question that he is asked. After
hearing this, Alan asks how long he will live and Cesare tells him that he will
die tomorrow before sunrise. As promised, Alan dies the next day, which causes
a huge upset with the town. Because of this incident, Francis and his
girlfriend Jane go on to investigate who Dr. Caligari and Cesare really are. This
eventually leads to Jane getting kidnapped followed by Dr. Caligari demanding
for Cesare to kill Jane. Because he is hypnotized, and believes that Jane is “too
beautiful to kill”, he decides not to kill her and carries her out of the house
and abducts her instead. While running out the house with the girl, he is
closely followed and is followed to the insane asylum that Dr. Caligari is the
director of. The man accuses Dr. Caligari of the horrible actions which leads to
the doctor denying everything. He then becomes extremely overwhelmed with grief
and admits to his mental illness and actions. At the end of the film, you
realize that it is a flashback and the narrative returns to the present, The film
ends with a twist that Francis, Jane and Cesare are now all depicted as patients
in the asylum. The film finishes with Francis attacking “Dr. Caligari” and become
restrained and placed in a cell.

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regards to my evaluation of the film, I would say that the film was overall an
interesting film. Although the concept of the film is scary, and twisted, it
still kept the viewer wondering what was going to happen next. This was my
first “silent” film that I have ever watched and although I did not think I
would be able to follow along well, it was not as hard as I thought it would be
to follow the plot. The film is truly a mystery and just at the end of the film
when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you were wrong about
the entire film. Although I hate horror films and any film that is even semi
scary, I found this film extremely interesting and enjoyed how the directors
used camera angles, buildings, makeup, facial expressions, etc. to help tell
the story. Although this film was a tad bit creepy and I would not exactly
recommend it, it was very interesting to see and watch my first German film.

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari relates to this German course in a few aspects. To
state the obvious, the film is a German film. Also, the film is said to play on
the theme of brutality and irrational authority because of the war that was occurring
during this time period. WWI ended on November 11, 1918, and the postwar period
was when a lot of advancements in art happened, and in this case, film making. One
large movement that happened in Germany during the time this film was made was Expressionism.

Expressionism was a style of art that developed in the 20th century
in Germany that consisted of exaggeration, intensifying, heavy contrasting, and
distortion. This film relates directly to this style of art and shows the types
of art, film making, and events/thoughts of individuals that were going on
during this time period. Although it is hard to identify at first, I think that
this movie shows a glimpse of how individuals were feeling at this time in
German history and the advantages in film/art that were happening during this
time as well.



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