For a common goal which was to

For this assessment part 2 I will be writing a
reflective essay on the effectiveness of the team and the effectiveness of me
as individual experience of the Volkswagen group activity. Reflection as a tool
for personal and professional development needs a bit of effort. It is a
personal activity, which could lead to a personal form of writing. The use of Kolb (1974) theory assist reflective
practice. This theory had 4 stages which are Concrete Experience, Reflective
Observation, Abstract Conceptualization and Active Experimentation The
use of Kolb model lays a basis experience of observation and reflection. These
4 concepts are occurred as learning process when I working in team which the
activities such as thinking and reflecting.


I believe that we were more of a team than a group
because as a team we came together having clearing mindset to achieve a common
goal which was to complete the Volkswagen group report.  It was a formal team because there was
specific purpose on working as team which our aims was to complete the report
and getting a good mark on it. There was 6 of us in the team and we all did not
know each other. No one was immediately willing to take on the position of leader
so we elected someone and the person agreed. The team leader divided each topic
we had write for the report which we decided to choose what topic each of will
write about for the report. I chose to write about Groups and Teams. As a group
we would often have meeting in the library and our seminar class and we would bring
in useful information that would be relevant to the task. During these meeting we
would have effective discussion. Our performance was monitored by our seminar
Tutor when we were having meeting during the class. Tutor would give advice

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The team was Functional because we supports the
goals of the group and improves performance

A healthy, constructive disagreement between two or
more people


At first our team did not seem to be effective because
we were all new studying at university. But as time progressed we slowly became
confident in working teams. The use of (Tuckman 1965) theory allowed us to build
our team. For Forming the team, we did not know each other very well however
this did not to be seem much of problem because we were all friendly in
introducing each other by saying our names and our strengths and weakness so
that we would support each other. As team we gradually evolved. For Storming
this stage enabled the team to improve and grow. Each individual had different
attitudes on the tasks which there would sometimes be disagreement. During
first 2 meeting the team had some conflict for example a conflict relating on
the task. Member A said that he wanted to do the rational organisation however
Member B also wanted to do the rational organisation. This disagreement was
causing a problem so I suggested that both of them can share the topic which
resolve the problem. Normally during this stage team would fail but made we
made sure that resolve this problem. Also during this stage no one was
immediately willing to take on the position of leader so we unanimously elected
the person who had initially proposed. We exchanged contact details, agreed a
time plan and arranged our next meeting. For Norming we slowly progress on
resolving any differences occurred in the team. During this stage each our team
leader motivated us to develop trust and stronger commitment on putting our
best effort on the report. Therefore, I was fortunate to belong to a group that
worked well together and were well motivated. Due to this degree of
co-operation we passed through to the final phase quickly. Finally Performing
the team seemed energetic displaying high-performance when working together.


There was some Problems with Group Decision-making.
This is because members in the group did always make the right decision


Each member is given a specific in a team by
following Belbin. Roles fulfilled the most popular of these theories is
provided by Meredith Belbin who developed his famous team role inventory (Belbin
1993). To identify which roles best fitted us each member completed the Belbin
self-assessment document. Within in our team there was Specialist, Completer-finisher, Co-ordinator,
Plant and 2 Implementer. I was the specialist which I was successful in this
role. This is because I brought in depth knowledge when I was researching which
the facts I found was useful. 

Therefore, my individual
effectiveness on teamwork was positive because even I was quiet who had not
much to say I always worked hard.  I
believe my contribution was effective to the team because the skills that I had
benefited the team in completing the Volkswagen report. The skills that brought
to them that benefited the team was researching, problem solving and IT
skills.  Due to my positive attitudes and
being cheerful within the team I was highly respected by my fellow team members.


The team leader assigned me
to be the main researcher because one my key strengths is researching. My contribution
benefited the team on making the report


In my opinion I could have
contributed more to boost the effort of teamwork. I could have done extended research
so that as team could have information that nobody would not have.


In my opinion I believe we
were a winning team because the report we produced seem acceptable. This is because
everybody was working hard putting their best effort and no one was not free
riding, everybody was working well. Writing 1500 words was not problem for us
which we succeed in writing 1500 words. Member C who was is finisher gave the
Volkswagen report draft to the seminar tutor. Therefore, he gave a fairly good
comment on our draft even though he did not fully mark the draft the seminar
tutor said that information was satisfactory.

Everybody would regularly
come to meetings and seminar to discuss and our performance as team was
excellent. The synergy of team was brilliant because everybody was working with
interaction and cooperation of each member allowing us to be a winning team.


My overall judgement of the
team performance was excellent. This is because as a team, we worked
effectively because each of us gave good contribution to supporting our ideas
of planning the event. Each of us were effective team members because we were
able to complete successfully.


As a good team worker, I
performed well because I completed tasks successfully and I was supporting my
teammates if they needed help. I believe I could improve my team working skills
so that next time when I work in a team I will be more confident. Team working
skills are important which I will be working in different teams for 3 years. This
meaning I will improve my skills. By improving my team working skills it will
be beneficial for the future.  I can
develop this skill reading books about team working and asking Personal Tutor
for help. For example, when working in a team, I should improve participation
within in the team. I lack of confidence which it is vital I improve this. Therefore,
in university I will meet new people, which there might assignments that
involves team working improving this skill will make an effective team worker
that benefit me achieving good grades from assignments. Also, I would like to
develop leadership skill because in the future I would lead a team of my own. By
improving this skill, I will feel confident when leading. Therefore, I will
need make sure, that my leadership skill will be good which I will self-develop
this skill by reading a book about leadership.  Time management was problem for me because
slow in handing my work to the group leader which he was annoyed and told me to
improve my time management in handing the work. Setting up time schedule will
surely help me with time management because with this I can keep track on what
work comes first.


Overall my teamwork
experience for the Volkswagen assignment has been positive because I strongly
feel that my teamworking skills has improved. I have learned new things about
from team members that would be useful in the future. Since I haven’t worked in
teams before however doing this assignment made me strongly feel the importance
of teamwork that brings excellence of completing tasks in achieving goals.   


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