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Five advantages of fixed-rate cancer insuranceCancer that is a number of expensive (and serious) medical conditions that can begin in their lifetime is the best price per capita in the United States. lawThere is no solution that cancer treatment cost rises in the future. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) report, the annual total cancer care expenses will increase by 40% compared to 2010 and will reach $ 175 billion in 2020.Many cancer patients will find relief by one of the key provisions of affordable care law. Nobody can tolerate insurance premiums or premiums due to health condition or existing condition.Unfortunately, even with health insurance, exemption, pocket expenses, and non-medical cancer costs may be a financial burden if diagnosed. (See statistics here).In order to solve the problem of Medicare’s financial gap, I will introduce five merits of cancer insurance.You pay directly: Depending on the insurance amount you have chosen (eg $ 10 per month for less than $ 10 a month), bulk insurance will pay approval for payment. After cancer diagnosis.There is no limit: There is no limit to one of the main advantages of Flat Gun Insurance Plan Plan. Payment can be used when necessary, such as medical expenses and non-medical expenses related to the fight against cancer.Hollow Cancer Care: If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you need the best treatment and you will be one of the most important hospitals in the country (US News for Cancer). Many of these hospitals are outside the healthcare provider’s network. In other words, you will pay big money (or all) from your pocket.Travel and Accommodation: When you need to get into cancer care, you can pay for transportation, accommodation, meals and your family using cancer policy.Loss of income: According to research by the National Medical Library. Women undergoing breast cancer treatment do not receive an average of 44.5 days and people called prostate cancer do not work for 27 days. Minor payment of cancer insurance helps pay for mortgage, public benefit bill, living expenses when there is no work for free.For more information on insurance company’s temporary cancer policy, please search free online quotes and compare rates


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