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First aid is the immediate care that is given to an individual who has been injured or has suddenly fallen ill. First aid includes but is not limited to stuff such as self-help or home care if a medical professional or medical assistance is not available immediately.  First aid can include making the victim as comfortable as possible with actions or words of encouragement or even showing competence in what you’re doing to provide relief to the victim.
            Usually, the First-Aider will take control of the whole situation until the situation has resolved itself or medical assistance has arrived. The First-Aider will deal with the injured person’s injury or their illness. He or she will know what to and what not to do is a given situation. He or she will avoid errors will are often made by individuals who are not trained well or at all. The first-aider also knows that his skill and knowledge of first-aid can mean the difference between an injured person dying or living, becoming permanently or temporarily disabled, or between quick or long recovery period.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, the leading cause of deaths for ages 1-44 is Accidental injury (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.) . These incidents are a strong reason we need First aid training. The grim statistics of these deaths and the pattern that medical care has changed in recent years then individuals today not only require but should demand the best possible care. 

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The value of first aid is in great value considering it can help prevent or treat sudden illness or even sudden accidental injury or even caring for many people injured in the event of a natural disaster or even events such as mass shootings.

Being trained or having studied first aid, you are prepared to help or provide some instructions in first aid, which can help promote a safety attitude or even instruct people or assist wisely to people who are in a panic. I would like to argue that there is a type of obligation on a humanitarian basis to assist people in panic or even the helpless. Plus, there is no greater satisfaction than being able to relieve suffering temporarily or even saving a life.

Being train in first aid not only are you able to help others but you are able to help yourself if you have fallen ill or have had an injury. Even if your injury or illness has impaired you in a way that keeps you from caring for yourself you can help direct other individuals through the proper procedures they should follow to be able to care for you effectively until you can recover or receive proper medical care.


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