First, to have a mental health problem is a reason for having low self-esteem and make it hard for the person to develop and raise his self-esteem but low self-esteem was not categorized as a mental health situation in itself. Examples of mental problems : addiction, having poor relationships, depression and anxiety. physical activities benefit our bodies, our mental health and physical health are related to each other, I mean that physical activity is useful for our mental health that help improving our self-esteem. For example when we do physical activities we got thinner so we become attractive so we become desirable from others and we then have high self-esteem and self confidence.Second, Insufficient sleeping affects our health. When we sleep less or too much can lead us to feel anxious or feel depressed or even have negative thoughts and have irrational thoughts. When we feel tired we might not want to be a social person anymore or see friends and we will feel lonely and isolated which quickly or directly lead us to low self-esteem. So we have to have enough sleeping to avoid being negative.Third, Drugs and alcohol, People take drugs to make them feel better if they had bad days, to try what the world will look like. They can start due to social influences and the desire to ‘fit in’, so this is low self-esteem. So taking drugs doesn’t boost our confidence but it have negative effect on us.Fourth, the food and our mood, the way we eat influence the way we feel. So when we improve our mood it provide us more energy that help us think clearly and freely. We should eat regularly because if our blood sugar falls we may feel tired and depressed which lead directly to low self-esteem. Another thing, that when we don’t feel confident about some parts of our body while we can change it or not  we feel low self-esteem, so we have to change the way we think or change our body and make a plan to get fit so we have high self-esteem


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