Federation Lobbying includes contacting the executive branch

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers Of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) FBCCI is a business community which safeguards the interest of the trade and industry’s private sectors in Bangladesh. It was established in 1973, under the Company Act 1913 and Trade Organization Ordinance 1961.It includes three categories of members, which are-·         Chambers of Commerce and Industry (it includes 60 A class members and 19 B class members).·         Trade and Industrial Associations  (it has 372 A class associations and 5 B class associations)·         Joint Chamber  (20 chambers with foreign countries)This community is maintained by a composition of Board of Directors which includes, ·         One president·         One first vice president·         One vice president and·         49 directorsActivities of FBCCI1.       The private sectors of various committees of the government are represented by FBCCI2.       Throughout the country, FBCCI assists associations to protect their interest3.       It helps in development of trade and investments4.       It helps the organizations to interact with government in trade and industry fairs5.       It makes efforts to spread the commercial, technical, promotional and industrial knowledge in Bangladesh6.       It researches about major policy issues in trade and industrial sectors and makes effort to fix it.7.       It collects reports, relevant statistics and other information to improve trade and industry8.       It organizes informative seminars, trainings and workshops on trade, commerce and industries9.       It helps to promote foreign investments10.       It maintains relation with other trade and industrial associations11.       It plays a very important role in all forms of the government and economic development concerning the national economy.Influence of FBCCI on PoliticsFBCCI is an organization with policy goals which work within the political process to promote such goals. It attempt to influence policy in various ways including. §  Lobbying government: FBCCI hires representatives to work on behalf of the group’s interest. Lobbying includes contacting the executive branch and the members of the congress to proclaim information about the positive or negative effects of proposed legislation.§  Election activities:  This community influences elections in order to helping people who support their issues elected or reelected. Election activities include- providing funds to candid endorsing candidates and conducting activities related to achieve votes.§  Veto on decisions: It assembles the members to protest or share opinion when their right likely to be void and try to put an impact on government decisions.


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