Fashion is vice-versa for men’s fashion. The collections

Fashion forecast one of the term which all designers may be Indian or international have used before starting any project for their final collections. Then comes the color and the fabric story, the textures and the silhouette, what will be the new colors for the season and what all fabrics will justify their collections. What colors will be in for the upcoming season and what all colors are out now. There are two types of forecasting, long and short term forecasting depending on the nature of forecasting done.Short term forecasting is basically for one to two years where a fashion forecaster has to decide what all colors, textures and fabrics will be there in the season. Now the companies or the individual designer make their collections accordingly.¬†¬†Short term forecasting also known to be Fad in Fashion terminologies as the fashion which comes with a lot of boom and all of a sudden it goes out of the market. This is more of customer based market as the area will be less, the type of customer and their needs.The Process is all same for the Long term forecasting, but this forecast is for more than two to five years’ time period as it is based on a market survey where the whole of the market will going to affect e.g. few of the designs didn’t work because of hurting sentimental values of a religion or caste. All this will adversely affect the economy and political issues. So, long term forecasting always has a wider view in specification.Markets are also based on forecasting. When we say fashion for women, the collections are based more on short term forecasting as the fashion keep on changing according to new trends which hits every season with great pomp and show and somehow get disappeared. The story is vice-versa for men’s fashion. The collections are segregated in few of major sections. So, a good market for your product always needs a better advertisement and good backup of fashion that has been forecasted by an expert.