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f the world of TV shopping seems inaccessible when you first enter it, do not worry. Give it time and everything that makes sense. In addition, you have us here to help you choose the best 4K TVs on the market.Over the years, hundreds of televisions have passed through the doors of our reviewers. Using this great experience, we have created a list of the 8 best 4K TVs. We are constantly updating the list with the latest and best tables, so if you see a change in things since the last time you were here, do not panic.Samsung Q9F QLEDSony Bravia XE90 seriesLG OLEDE7 seriesSony BRAVIA A1E OLEDLG OLED B7 Series Panasonic DX902 seriesPanasonic EZ1002 OLEDSony XE93 series1.Samsung Q9F QLEDFantastic color levelsVery bright screenSamsung was the first brand to present an HDR compatible screen in 2015, but has not rested since.Samsung’s latest flagship, the Q9F, is a perfect example. It increases the brightness to 1500 nits, 50% more than the level required for the UHD Premium certification, and the brightest TV we have ever tried.In addition to an impressive sound number, this brightness has a real impact on the quality of best 65 inch 4k tv picture. The details remain even in the brightest areas of the image, and the colors are exceptionally bright and brilliant.Even non-HDR content is fantastic thanks to Samsung’s improved SDR technology.No television is perfect, and the Q9F can sometimes suffer a backlight that darkens around bright objects. In addition, some adjustments cause color bands with the HDR format, but minor faults aside, this is one of the best televisions of 2017Price : $3,497.99Buy From Amazon.com Buy From Amazon.co.uk2.Sony Bravia XE90 seriesExcellent motion handlingGreat contrastAlthough the LCD screens have not reached the same levels of black as their rival OLEDs like the previous LG E7, the HDR performance of the Sony XE90 is getting closer and closer.This is possible thanks to the direct LED backlighting of the device, which allows it to achieve a uniformity of brightness that is often less than that of the edge screens.Add great detail and movement management, and you’ll get a set that offers an excellent balance between price and performance, and it’s worth the detour, even though your Android TV interface may feel a bit crowded and your remote control. little cheap.Price :$1,498.00Buy From AmazonBuy From Amazon.co.uk3.LG OLEDE7 seriesGorgeous picture qualityThinness of OLED?h? ?7 m?? n?t h?v? th? s?m? s??? l??k ?s th? LG l?g? th?s ???r, th? ?L?D W7, v?r? ????ns?v?, but fr?nkl?, th? ?7 ?ff?rs ? v?r? s?m?l?r l?v?l ?f qu?l?t? ?t ? mu?h l?w?r ?r???. ?t ?lw??s l??ks gr??t, ?t’s st?ll ???k?ng D?lb? ?tm?s, ?nd wh?l? ?t ??n n?t b??st ?f th? th?nn?ss ?f th? W7 w?ll????r, ?t’s n?t f?r ?w??.?f ??u w?nt ?lm?st ?ll ?f th? h?gh-?nd f??tur?s ?f th? LG ?L?D s?r??s, w?th?ut h?v?ng t? t?k? ?ut ? s???nd m?rtg?g? ?n ??ur h?m?, th? ?L? ?L?D ?s ? ?r?f?t?bl? ?nd ?r?f?t?bl? ?dd?t??n t? ?n? h?m? th??t?r s?st?m.Price : $3,496.99Buy From Amazon.comBuy From Amazon.co.uk4.Sony BRAVIA A1E OLEDGorgeous picture qualityInnovative and excellent soundThe 55A1 series and the OLED series of A1 attract all levels. Its design of “only image” has been done wonderfully, managing to be subtle and dramatic. ?ts v?br?nt s?r??n ?ff?rs mu?h m?r? ??w?rful ?nd ?ff??t?v? s?und ??rf?rm?n?? th?n ??u th?ught ??ss?bl?.?h? tru? st?rs ?f th? sh?w h?r?, h?w?v?r, ?r? th? d?l????usl? d?t??l?d, ??ntr?st?ng ?nd ??l?rful ?m?g?s ?f th? ?1. ?h?s? ??t?g?r???ll? d?m?nstr?t? wh?t w? h?v? sus???t?d f?r ? l?ng t?m?: m?r? br?nds th?t us? ?L?D t??hn?l?g? ??n ?nl? l??d t? g??d th?ngs.Price : $3,498.00Buy From Amazon5.LG OLED B7 SeriesExcellent all-round image qualityComplete HDR supportGreat smart platformLG’s “?” ?L?D l?n? h?s ?lw??s ?ff?r?d ?n ????ll?nt ?ntr? ???nt t? d?s?l?? t??hn?l?g? w?th?ut ??m?r?m?s?ng wh?t m?k?s ?t s? ????t?ng.?h? ?7 s?r??s ?s n?t d?ff?r?nt. ?h? ??nt?nt ?f th? t?l?v?s??ns ?s ????tl? th? s?m? ??n?l th?t f??ds th? ?7, ?7 m?r? ????ns?v? ?nd, ??s, ?v?n LG W7 ?Vs, wh??h m??ns ? b?g bum? ??m??r?d t? l?st ???r’s ?L?D ??n?ls ?t ? mu?h l?w?r ?r???.??, wh?r? d?d LG s?v? th? m?n??? ?n ? w?rd, ??urs. ?h? ?7’s ????nd?bl? s???k?rs ?r? th? w?rst ?L?D ?Vs ?n th? m?rk?t. ??t ?nl? th?t, but th? s?t ??n n?t ?h?ng? D?lb? ?tm?s t? ?n ??t?rn?l s?und s?st?m v?? ?D?? (?lth?ugh ? f?rmw?r? u?d?t? ?s ?n ?r?gr?ss t? s?lv? th?s ?r?bl?m).However, if you are satisfied with a standard surround sound experience, then the B7 is a fantastic entry into a best budget 4k tv technology that still looks futuristic in 2017.Price : £2,399.99Buy From Amazon.co.uk6.Panasonic DX902 seriesBright, contrast-rich picturesClever and usually effective local dimming technologyPanasonic was so obsessed with high-dynamic-range image quality in its flagship best 65 inch 4k tv series for 2016 that it has created a new ‘honeycomb’ LCD panel technology. This places physical separators between the areas of the different areas of the image illuminated by their direct light backlight system to reduce the usual backlighting problems of bright HDR objects, and even introduces a new diffuser filter to try to stop the light. It breaks between the different areas of LED seemingly too obvious.Even that does not completely solve the problems of LED lighting control with extreme HDR content, but it certainly allows the TV to provide an image quality with HDR sources that, most of the time, are the second the KS9500. , the details and the pure spectacle – and the DX902 cost hundreds of pounds less than its Samsung rivals.Price : $918.25Buy From Amazon.comBuy From Amazon.co.uk7.PANASONIC EZ1002 OLEDStunning contrast performanceUnprecedented colour accuracyWith a price of almost $269.99, the 65EZ1002 has to be special. Fortunately, this is the case. ?? ?m?l?m?nt?ng ? s?r??s ?f fun?t??ns g?n?r?ll? r?s?rv?d f?r th? ?r?f?ss??n?l w?rld ?f th? m?st?r?ng m?n?t?r, th? fl?gsh?? ?r?du?t ?f ??n?, ?L?D, ??n ?r?v?d? th? m?st b??ut?ful ?nd ???ur?t? ?m?g?s ?v?r s??n w?th ?DR ?nd ?DR s?ur??s. It also offers a highly efficient intelligent system and strong audio performance from its built-in sound bar.For audio-visual enthusiasts who want to replicate the vision of their favorite directors at home at no cost, the 65EZ1002 is perfect.


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