Experience a labyrinth of colorful dream palaces at

Experience royalty in Jaipur, the ‘pink city’ of India

The splendid cuisine, unparalleled architecture, and fervent beauty are enough to make Jaipur into a world-class destination. Undoubtedly, there is a lot more to this city. Jaipur is filled with enthralling festivals, lavishly decorated elephants casually going about their work, captivating cultural insights and a labyrinth of colorful dream palaces at every turn. A romantic pink hue permeates almost everything in Jaipur, hence the nickname ‘Pink City’.

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Jaipur offers plenty of temporary homes throughout the city for all the wanderlust. Many websites, offering, endless offers, each better than the other, I decided to go with Treebo Woodsvilla Suites because it gave me the best deal and value for money. I was mesmerized by the location, it was centrally located and easy to find. I got an impeccable service throughout my stay. Being on a solo trip, I was able to connect to my family back home and share my trip pictures on social media, all thanks to the stable internet connection provided by the hotel. Treebo definitely made my stay memorable. The view from my hotel was exotic. The city glows in the shade of blush that deepens as the sun sets each evening.

In Jaipur, you will find pedestrians from all walks of life, apparently from a mix of centuries, knit through the boulevards and bazars surrounded by a procession of rickshaws and motorcycles, three-wheeled autos, and elephants, all buzzing with a flamboyant.

Startling sights

Hawa Mahal – The palace that looks like a ‘honeycomb’ is the prominent landmark of the city. The most romantic pink sandstone citadel streaming over the streets of Jaipur was originally built in 1799 as a viewpoint for the ladies of the royal household. Today, this exquisite structure still stands as proudly as ever.

Amber Fort – This beautiful Rajput palace is located only about 10 kilometers from the heart of Jaipur. This is a perfect disguise surrounding hillside. The red sandstone and marble floor is breathtaking. Surely, you will experience royalty once you visit the Amber Fort.

A scrumptious destination – If you have a sweet tooth, you are sure to tantalize your taste buds with Rajasthani dishes like mawa, ghevar and much more. Jaipur has been an uptick in international cuisine. From all-India cuisine to Italian pasta, you’ll get it all here!


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