Executive despite the volume of the increased sales.




Intelligence is used in various business sectors and it is currently being used
in customer service by replacing human agents. The primary goal of implementing
Artificial intelligence in customer service is to improve customer experience
and to reduce the customer service costs. Artificial Intelligence in customer
support will increase advanced messaging to help solve customer queries, it
will sort the queries based on priorities and solve them. AI will not replace
human agents completely but will be able to perform the work of human agents. Artificial
Intelligence use Augmented messaging for answering basic questions of clients
and will reduce the waiting time of clients to get in contact with human. This
will provide round the clock service to the customers. Clients call customer support
for simple enquires and will be having to wait in the queue for longer wait
time which will lead the customer to frustration. Companies are working on to
provide high level service to the customers using AI just as human agents. AI
is making rapid changes in the world of customer support. AI will make customer
support much easier in the future. AI will automate customer enquiries to
reduce cost for call centers and also the cost spent in hiring employees

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in customer support will provide the consumers with improved level of contact
center operation. The technology which AI uses Is machine learning which
collects all the information from the system about the clients and keeps it
updated about the company to provide adequate information to the clients. Through
machine learning technology AI promises to provide timely and quality services
to their customers. Unlike humans, AI will be quick and will provide the
necessary answers to the customers rather than asking them unnecessary
questions.  AI will make customer support
much easier in the future. AI will automate customer enquiries to reduce cost
for call centers and also the cost spent in hiring employees. It will also
provide better shopping experiences for customers by quickening their responses
and analyzing their level of complexity that Artificial Intelligence can
handle. Will provide superior assistance in the customer problem resolution
with IT enabled solutions. Study how the problem management is carried with
improved escalation paths. The facilitation of cross-functional coordination
between the customer support and other departments by automatic
cross-triggering capabilities. Study the maintenance of customer support
department size despite the volume of the increased sales. To discover the
potential of the customer support as a revenue generating business process.
Study how artificial intelligence in customer support can bring the best and
reliable alternative for query resolution. AI will reduce the reduce the
waiting time for each customer before their issues are solved. Many
organizations have started to implement artificial Intelligence for customer





which use Artificial Intelligence for customer service will provide high level
of service which cannot be matched with humans. AI will be not respond to any
customers angrily or will not argue with them. AI will try to fix the issues of
the customers understanding customers emotions and will revert answers in
polite way without answering back rudely. In the nearby future, there are high
possibilities where organizations will replace humans with cognitive
technologies. A survey results states that almost half of the machines may
replace workers in the future. Digital Assistants have become more common for
daily life thus simplifying it.


Artificial Intelligence
may not understand every detail what the customer is trying to say which a
person can understand. This is the area where AI needs a lot of development.
Machine learning can help AI in learning things and improving the experience. AI’s
database must be up to date and very accurate, which is a big challenge to
overcome to increase the customer satisfaction level. AI might not replicate
what the human assistants can understand and do. It has no capacity to
understand what we ask human customer support. AI can be powerful in the
customer service area, but it will not replace the humans in near future.



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