Everyone to research about their project work and

Everyone needs their space sometime in life. While the space
was associated with silence and
sitting alone, this has changed over time. Now the silence space has been
replaced with tech
space. Mobiles, Television, Computers, Tablets, Kindles, etc have taken over.

While the adults use their smart phones all the time, the
children are not left far behind.  I
had seen an advertisement on television long time back of MTS Broadband
Internet. It had
2 different ads

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Where a child is born and starts using the
mobile phone and watches videos, takes
pictures, connects to video call and enjoys doing all he does

A child moves away from a womb and goes to GOD.
He says that if my parents don’t
have wifi, internet and smart phones then why should I go there? Please send me


Now these are just funny ads but the reality is that while
parents feel unsecured and astonished
at their children wanting screen space, the children find it as a way of communicating
expressing themselves.

Why do children need
screen space?

We can’t blame the children but all the entertainment and
learning now happens through screen
based devices like television, computer, mobiles, etc. Children use it for
various reasons such as

Watching Television for entertainment

Using Computers for School Projects/Internet

Using Mobile Phones for Communicating and
playing games

It helps them to entertain, get work done and communicate
with ease.

Doesn’t this impact
their growth?

Children are active in nature so despite the screen space
that they use, they will never be impacted.
Children have learnt like adults on how to integrate the screens space with
other activities.

Children use mobile phone now more effectively
to research about their project work
and finish their school projects more quickly

Children use mobile phones to learn new skills
like dancing, singing, art and crafts, etc
by watching Youtube Videos

Children watch news and informative programs to
prepare speeches to compete in

Children use the computers, kindle devices for
reading, learning, etc




Do Girls and Boys
need the same screen space?

This can be a debatable question but the way both are
conditioned, the boys seem to use more of
screen time then girls do. Their usage preferences may also differ as per the

Boys will use the Mobile Phone for


Watching Movies

Watching Videos

Listening to Music

Girls will use the Mobile Phone for

Mostly Shopping

Browsing Internet for Health Related content

Watching Videos (DIY, Cooking, Etc)

Listening to Music (Soft in Nature)

This information can vary as per requirement but the
psychology usually points at these patterns.

Times when children
usually use phones

After School



While Eating

During Play

While Studying

While Watching Television

These can be a few instances where it has been observed that
children would use screen space.

The Apps that
children may use often

Facebook and Instagram (For Socializing)

Youtube (For watching Videos)

Whatsapp and Snapchat (For chatting)

Ola and Uber (For Cab Booking – Mostly for
parents or relatives)

Since the use of Computers and Mobile has increased even in
schools and colleges for teaching as
it offers a multimedia experience and makes learning fun, the kids are doing a
lot of learning through
these devices.

Byju’s – The Learning

As technology started taking over the learning space, this
app made its quite entry into the market
as it realised the potential of learning through Mobile Phones, especially with
children using phones
more often.

It covered classes from 4th to 12th
and most of the competitive exams. This helped using the
multimedia experience of the mobile and learning content to be integrated and
learning on the go.

Children and Future
of Screen Space

More Learning Apps

More Learning Games

More varied learning experience

We can conclude by saying that children have learnt how to
use the screen time and space to
enhance their learning rather than acting as a hindrance to their growth.