Every on the basis of fire power,

Every nation has its
own standing army, air force, and navy to protect itself from attacks and be
prepared for wars. On a global scale when ranked on the basis of fire power,
every army differs on the basis of personnel, ammunitions and war vehicles. The
military budget of a country plays a huge role in determining the military
power of a nation and also factors in hen decisions are made about acquiring
warheads, aircraft carriers, missiles, fire-power. It also affects the decision
regarding increasing manpower.  Here is a
countdown of the top ten armies in the world.


1. The USA

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When it comes to
power and weapons, the USA leads the front. The number of active personnel
stands at- 2,500,000. It has 75 submarines, 19 aircraft carriers, 13,444
aircraft, 8,848 tanks and a total budget of about $581.0 billion.


2. Russia

This country can
proudly flaunt its army as the best trained in the world. With a defence budget
of approximately $76.6 million, which is slated to grow at least 44% more in
the next three years, it has around 7,66,000 active front line personnel and
around 2.5 million for the reserve force. Almost 15,500 tanks completes it
thereby making Russia the largest tank force in the world.


3. China

China counts itself
as one of the top contender in the race for global superpower with a defence
budget of $126 billion. With 2.29 active frontline personnel and an additional
2.3 million reservists, China sure has the ability to dream big.


4. India

One of the biggest
army size at about 3.5 million, there are 1.3 million active military
personnel. This is complemented by 1,785 aircraft and 16,000 land vehicles and
a defence budget of $40.0 billion.


5. The UK

The defence budget is
estimated at approximately $54 billion and a regular workforce of about
205,000. The airforce count consists of 908 aircraft and the navy consist of 66


5. France

The military budget
of the country which is $43 billion a year makes up 1.9% of the country’s GDP.
Its 2,20,000 regular force along with the reservists forms a force of about
5,00,000. The aircraft count stands at 1,000 and it is enforced by 9,000 ground


6. Germany

The military count
stands at 1,83,000 active frontline personnel, 1,45,000 reservists, 710
aircrafts. It is further flanked by a collection of nearly 5,000 onland
armament of various kinds. The defence budget of the nation rests at $32.9


7. Japan


The active military
personnel for this nation rests at 248,575. It boats of 1,594 aircrafts and has
a total naval strength of 131. The defence budget is estimated at $40.3.


8. Turkey

The defence budget is
really low at around $18.18 billion. The army size of this nation along with
the regular troop and reserves is just a meagre 6,60,000. The airforce count is
1,000 and approximately 16,000 land weapons.


9. Germany

The defence budget of
this nation is around $36.3 billion. It is complemented by 698 aircrafts and a
total naval strength of 81.


10. Egypt

The second most
powerful Muslim nation boasts of an active personnel of around 454,250, with
1,132 aircrafts and an estimated naval strength of around 319. The military
budget for this nation comes to $4 billion. 


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