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Ever since the emergence of civilization, humanity has formed myths and legends to attempt and explain unknown things or events that they did not comprehend.  Myths like those of the whereabouts of mythical creatures such as the Chupacabra, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster are some of the creatures people claim that exist. The popularity of myths today is significantly high and shows how influential they are to society. Most importantly, myths and legends influence the beliefs, customs, and ideologies of an individual.       Humans have been influenced by myths regarding good and evil supernatural creatures which have shaped what a person believes in. For instance, stories of supernatural beings such as angels have provided individuals with a  belief in a higher being and a sense of comfort and security. On the contrary, myths about dark forces such as ghosts and or demons have also created beliefs in a dark and evil force. Myths told of these supernatural creatures have influenced people into taking a side. While some may tie the supernatural with a higher being, others may see the supernatural as a source of entertainment. Although not everyone may have the same beliefs, stories told of supernatural creatures enhance what an individual feels and believes in.    Furthermore, myths have also shown to influence traditional customs in a culture. Traditional stories of rituals that were practiced in ancient times and are still practiced to current day influence customs. In Mamoiada, an ancient Pagan ritual which was a  tradition that has been practiced since the beginning of time is performed by a small village in Sardinia every year (Source D). Ancient civilizations who once performed the Pagan ritual have made it a practice to perform the ritual every year as a means to get rid of the winter season and welcome the spring. The village has adopted the ancient practice and performs it every year by dressing up with huge bells and wooden masks as once done by their ancestors. Ancient myths that were once told by early civilizations have influenced cultures into taking these customs and continuing the practice.    Another important aspect in which myths have influenced society is through ideologies. Myths have affected the way people view and think about aspects of the world. The ancient Greeks used myths about supernatural creatures to teach people the importance of establishing morals in their lives. The Greeks told stories of supernatural creatures like Medusa, Pegasus, Athena, and much more to educate the Greek Society right from wrong. The myths that were told where the foundation of what Greek society believed was correct and necessary to establish a reasonable system for their people. Myths developed new ways of thinking about the world the Greeks lived in and established how people behaved in a society.     Although, myths can also be harmful to society. With the innovation of new electronic media, it has become easier for this generation to spread myths through the internet more efficiently. Thus, with the creation of new mythical creatures formed by the media, urban legends have posed a threat to society. On May 31, two twelve-year-old girls in Wisconsin, stabbed the third girl nearly to death claiming it was intended as a sacrifice to Slenderman (Source B). Urban legends such as Slenderman, Bigfoot, or even the Chupacabra have become easier to believe due to electronic applications, such as Photoshop, that facilitates the way in which myths are created. Regardless, myths have been essential to connecting ancient and modern cultures by showing a different approach to seeing the world through a distinct lense. Legends and myths, whether recent or old, have found a way to influence our everyday actions without us noticing. Myths have influenced how we perceive the world, how we think, and how we act. Every culture has its own myths and legends that makeup who we are today.  The myths that one has heard will likely be passed on to further generations who will do the same. 


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