Essay about dressing for success apply to

Essay on Dressing for success clothing at work


for Success is a very exceptional idea and obviously a good
thing to do and a very widely used and considered aspect We all know we should
dress professionally and that our clothes help to build the the first
impression picture that will last forever in the opposite persons mind
basically in a interviewer and future employer’s mind but many people in
various underdeveloped parts of the world are unsure exactly what looks
appropriate, what should not be worn what should be left off, and what will
make a person stand out.

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The most important things to remember about
dressing for success apply to both him and her it is men and women.

Many times in life the situations change from
time to time in majority a individual is judged upon how well dressed he or she
appears. The same is true for lecturers it is whether in the classroom
environment or during a job interview for a lecturer parent conference or open
meetings. lecturers should dress professionally everyday of the week, unless a
stated dress code policy allows or grants permission to dress casually on a
specific day. Many days throughout the school year a lecturer is allowed to
dress casually if there is a pep rally which is basically held before a
sporting event or scheduled event during the school day. First year lecturer
should always consult their mentor or senior staff regarding the established
dress code of the school or college. Failure to dress appropriately can make a
major impact on the way an administrator whereas other lecturers and the students
as well as parents perceive the lecturer in a different way which is in turn
another big question.

Dressing for success allows a person to gain the respect
needed to set a positive example for the other people in the same area or
environment. Imagine the image you are showcasing to your colleagues if you
fail to follow the established dress code policy that has been established in
the district. Majority of the times, other people or the colleagues adamantly
change their dress code policy for various reasons.

For example: many students feel they should be allowed to
wear hats to school. An important point to remember is that children are very
good at modeling and showcasing the behavior that they observe in the adults.

What they decide to wear can certainly make
them look unique but it should not be something what defines them. Instead
everyone should teach and encourage their children and their loved ones like
family members or friends to show their individuality in ways that really
reflect their performance in school, on the work field, serving their religion
or their community, in a math’s or science competition, by writing a song or
short story, on stage or in the theater. This is something that truly makes
them an individual personality.
We must realize that there is always more to individuality
and the aesthetics that a person showcases than just materialistic items such
as clothes.

Business attire has changed and is been
changing drastically from time to time over the years, especially in the last
few years there are many people who have in fact forgotten why proper business
outfit is important there are also Some companies which have chosen to allow
and even encourage their employees to dress freely or casually for their
comfort purpose this  in turn helps a
individual to work well in more creative and work effective environments.
However there are companies which will typically encourage and/or require a more
defined and professional dress code to maintain a professional image of
themselves in the society and the business environment, where employees
routinely interact on a daily basis with various other people like prospects,
clients and business partners.

Majority of the conflicts arise when the
employees prefer to dress comfortably or in the most recent styles rather than
realize the importance for them to showcase themselves in a more professional
or a stable business style manner. The main reason why dressing in a proper
business attire is important for every business professional is because it
showcases a visual image and sends a message that the person is a professional.
Another reason why dressing in proper business attire is important in the
business environment is because you never know when you will be required to
meet with someone who comes from outside of your company. Your image to this
outsider will be the image remembered by him for your company. In a business
environment or a business deal this image and message always needs to be
professional. In reality, that image could indirectly mean the difference
between grabbing a new business deal, contract or sale and losing the
opportunity to make that deal happen. The importance of a dress code for
professional environment may differ somewhat by company. However, the
connection between both is generally strong. In my country India appearance is
ranked second only to communication skills when a persons named qualities most
often are associated with professionalism.

How a individual dresses for work can be a
powerful add-on of his personal brand. Clothes, accessories and even the
footwear which the employee chooses to wear during his or her work helps to
increase or decrease his skills and qualities in the eyes of his employer or
co-workers and clients.

Even though a one size fits all or a universal
dress code may not be achievable or naturalistic, some universal guidelines are
possible and could include the following aspects and examples such as

For example:

1. Being modest: It is most important to get
attention for a good work instead of gaining attention for wearing the latest or
new fashion or in a suitable leisure wear or sportswear basically found outside
the office at a sports event or a party or beach.

2. Being aware of days like casual Fridays:
sometimes Casual Fridays can unfortunately turn into real fashion disasters. It
is very important for a person to remember that the workweek has not ended on the
previous day which is Thursday and that the images and messages showcased on
Friday must be consistent with each of the earlier days of the week.


A individual should be comfortable: This applies
to the fit of your dress and the comfort of the shoes you wear. Comfort needs
to outcast the Aesthetics of fashion in the choices made.


Be careful that basic etiquette is a must
accompany appropriate attire. Appropriate attire must be blended with basic
business and professional etiquette. Deciding what to wear and what not to wear
is the first of many important decisions a business professional makes in fact
each day in his/her day to day life. Making this choice might not be an easy
task for majority of the new individuals. However, in order to succeed in a
business environment every individual needs to learn how to dress appropriately.
Proper dress gives a individual a more serious and better-educated look.

The business attire for a woman should consist
a minimum of two skirt suits, a tailored dress, and a combination of skirts and
blouses that suit well with the jackets of the suit-skirts. In order to feel
and look professional, the clothing should be clean and it should also be well
pressed and fit well. A professional look always consists of coordinated
clothing that showcases a professional image.

The two suits for a woman’s business attire in
my country India are majorly simple in colors and styles which will in turn coordinate
easily with the skirts and blouses and can also be used to switch for different
looks. This helps and allows a woman to gain at least four different outfits
made from two skirt-suits. Separate blouses, skirts, and jackets are also good
choices for business attire as the different pieces are meant to go with each
other and there are variety of pieces to choose from. A solid color dress is majorly
appropriate because it looks professional and it is also appropriate for an
evening event such as a engagement whether business or social. Leather is
considered as a best material to work best for a business environment and
handbags should be classic or basic in colors that can coordinate with the
individual’s shoes. A professional wardrobe should have neutral
colors like navy-blue, black, brown and gray. The Fabric should be of a good
quality showcasing a air of confidence and success. In addition it a good idea
to keep business clothing separate from day-to-day clothing as this results in
a more organized and easier way to manage wardrobe. In a business environment a
suit or a tailored dress basically presents the most professional look. Wool
and linen are the best suitable fabrics for women’s skirts and suits. However
it is always good to choose a fabric that carries one through several seasons.
For example separate modern cotton knits can be worn in the fall winter and in spring
summer as well as in summer. Blouses should be as simple as possible it should
also be modest and made of natural fabrics such as cotton or silk. Whites or
creams are the best color choices however other colors are appropriate when
they are coordinated correctly with an individuals suit. When a women is working
in an office environment, panties are a requirement and they must also be worn
in the summer. The stockings which a women wears should be neutral in color
tone such as tan or black or cream and it should not draw attention.

The message a individual must showcase or
display through his or her business wardrobe is that the individual recognizes
and values the requirements of the working world or working environment. For a
woman who understands her role in the business world or business environment,
it is very important to project the image of somebody who can fit in it. In a
business setting appearance is also a major thing that matters. Your image reflects
and educates others on how you want to get approached by them. Every time you
go out you reflect or showcase a image that tells others how to treat you they
are seeing you up and making an assumption of aspects such as what you do for a
living or your income level and your current level of success in life based on
your appearance.

Successful people maintain a flawless image because
they know that their image is part of their company or brand. Your image is
majorly a outside indicator of who you are as a person which is a big part of
advancing in day to day life. This is majorly true as a business owner a keen
sense of style which reflects your image can lead to greater opportunities
which can lead to higher levels of success. Dress for the role you want to play.
Keep your look fresh and up-to-date always remember that you are the top
representative and spokesperson for the business or brand you built. Your
personal appearance has always a great effect on your income and earning
opportunities. You have to work consistently to keep your image fresh which will
help you to grow your business.

Dress not just for where you are but for where
you want to be. To upgrade your look will obviously cost a little more than
what you regularly spend on clothes but it is a good idea to pay a little more
for the image you really want to showcase.

To dress for success a individual should start
by cleaning out his or her closet, remove everything that is torn or old or
misshapen and also which doesn’t fit. Once you are done with this you have to
go through all of the remaining items and the put together outfits that will
take your appearance to the next level. To make your wardrobe more effective it
must be neat and well organized also get matching hangers and arrange all the
items by type like pants, skirts, etc. Organize your shoes by color so that you
can easily pair them with your outfits and For your jewelry you have to get jewelry
holders from a store and Keep your jewelry visible instead of tucking it or
hiding it away You are always more likely to accessorize if everything is
displayed nicely and in a proper professional way also practice dress-up for
few days Wear your best looks to suit your business meetings and everywhere you
go also make a note of the reactions which you get from others. People will
take you into picture when you start dressing at your best and new opportunities
will also come for you in your business environment because of your improved
appearance not only that but dressing up is also a great confidence and a
self-esteem booster. Clean pressed and polished. Whatever you choose to wear to
an interview or your work place it should be in a good shape and fully
laundered and also no holes or runs in your socks or tights if you are capable
to afford a trip to the dry cleaners this is a great investment always make
sure that your coats are at least spot cleaned and also that everything looks
sharp ironing your clothes will help to freshen up your outfit and the overall
look.  Your wardrobe for you may be however
you want in your bedroom but your business clothes should never be kept without
a hanger. When you go for shopping always choose quality over quantity always buy
the best that you can afford even buying in bulk is not just for the house
groceries but you can also do this for your business wardrobe too

•For example: if you find a pair of grey pants that fit you properly
or really well always don’t just buy one pair but buy at least two so that you
always have a backup If there is something like a particular kind of
undergarment or hanky which you love and which also helps you look nice and
smooth under your clothes even buy such items in bulk and stock up and when you
find any clothing staple that you love always buy more than one doing this will
always help you stay dressed for success whether you are meeting with clients
or doing interviews or in presentations always dress to showcase the aesthetics
and impress and in order to do this you should always prepare in advance always
try to get your outfits together at least the night prior or before keep them
ironed and ready to go including your shoes and accessories always wear your
best fitting outfits and always try them at least before one day to make sure that
you like the way you look in them you are always showcasing the people the same
vibe which you are feeling inside so always make sure you are feeling good
about yourself so that others will easily pick up on that message as well there
is a saying that when you look your best you perform at your best do make a
decision right now to upgrade your personal as well as professional image and
make a note concerning to your new look and always write down what you want
people to say about you do include a descent description of how you feel when
you dress at your best. Look at yourself in the mirror every day before leaving
the house so that you exactly know how you are looking upgrading your image will
help you make a change in your heart as well as in the outside environment also
beautify yourself if possible and upgrade your personal image there is a saying
when you look good you also feel good. To attract your ideal you should upgrade
yourself to their level there are some cases like if you work from a home
office you should dress to impress at your desk get up and fresh up every day
and dress as though you have something important to attend and even if you are taking
up a small work at your desk try to take your image beyond your ideal as you
should always look and feel like you can do business on that level by this you
will learn to speak and act with more confidence when you do your work and it
will help you to excel in your business environment and you will find it much
easier for you to too meet new people and express yourself present yourself in
meetings and even make the deal happen when you are  both looking and feeling your best in fact
something frequently to upgrade your look so that you can dress for success.

Whether one likes it or not but clothing
communicates and it can have a major effect on the ability of a individual to
achieve success.

On the other side of reality what a individual
wears neither defines who he or she is as a person nor it determines the value
of a human being people judge a individual by the way he/she looks and that
includes the way he or she dresses specifically in the workplace, clothing
significantly influences how others perceive you and how they respond towards
you appearance strongly influences the opposite people’s perception of your
financial success as well as authority and trustworthiness, intelligence and
suitability for work or promotion and because perception is often considered as
reality what you wear not only communicates who you are in the mind of other
people but it also influences your level of career and advancement.

The dress and the appearance should always
reflect the highest standard of professionalism the day to day appearance of
the employees plays an important role in what perception the public has towards
the company, in a organization a business casual dress should be adopted for

Business casual: it basically means clothing
which is appropriate for the office and it also means dressing up
professionally. Looking relaxed as well as neat and pulled together. The main purpose
of a business casual policy is to provide a comfortable work environment while it
is still projecting a professional image. Employees of the company should dress
in a proper manner during the work hours and while conducting the company
business activities.

Another big reason why dressing in proper
business outfit is important in the business world is because you never know
when you will be required to meet with people who are basically outsiders and
not from your company. Your image to this outsider will be the image remembered
of your company and n business dealings this image and message needs to be
professional and in reality that image could indirectly mean the difference
between grabbing a new deal, contract or sale and losing the opportunity to
make that deal.

Other Examples :

The basic Specifics for Men: specifics of men include Suits and Pants with   a matching jacket the Best material is pure
wool or a wool blend. As for the color consideration navy, charcoal, gray and
black are all acceptable. Patterns if nonprofessional should be muted. One should
always choose a conservative style that is versatile.

Shirts: Best material considered cotton or
cotton blend the Long sleeve shirts are more professional than the short

Jewelry: always keep it to a minimum Wedding
bands and a watch are a maximum.

Watches if worn should be classic and not
flashy. No earrings or bracelets should be worn at work place.

Ties: Ties should reach the top of your belt
buckle. If one doesn’t know how to tie a tie correctly he should learn or have
someone who could help.

Shoes: the best material considered is leather.
Shoes can be with or without shoe ties.

Grooming: keep hair, nails and teeth well
maintained. And the hair should be short and well kept. One should get a nice
haircut. Beards and mustaches project a less professional image.

Accessories: accessories should be kept to a
minimum. vests, cuff links, and ties should match the rest of your outfit, but
don’t wear all at once.

Body Modifications: Tattoos should be covered whether
with clothing, shoes or make up. When it comes to Piercings think wisely before
you get something done even if you get your ear pierced you will still have a
scar your employer might see. Men should have no piercings visible.


The Basic specifics for women: Specifics of women include Suits Pants or
skirt with a matching jacket Best material is pure wool or a wool blend. Color:
navy or charcoal gray and black are all acceptable colors. Patterns if any should
be muted  a women should Choose a
conservative style that is versatile.

Shirts: The Best material is cotton or cotton
blend. Long sleeve shirts are more professional than short sleeve.

Blouses: Tops can be button ups, turtle necks, shells,
or fashion blouses.  Keep colors neutral
and don’t wear loud colors or patterns. Whatever you wear make sure it keeps you

Skirts: skirts should be of a modest length and
not shorter than 2 inches above the knee. The skirt should still cover your
thighs when sitting. Make sure the skirt is appropriate for walking, climbing
stairs and sitting. Lengths can be long. Slits are appropriate if not too long.
Skirts for professional wear should be fitting but not clingy and not flowing.
Flowing skirts are more Casual to Business Casual.

Jewelry: post earrings are ok a modest necklace
and few rings are acceptable. Dangling earrings are not acceptable, loud and
noisy necklaces don’t look good, rings on every finger are also not
professional. A women should keep the ring count down to one per hand. Broaches
are acceptable to add a little color to a jacket or sweater.

Shoes: shoes must be clean and polished. Wear comfortable
ones and heels should be not higher than two inches closed toe pumps are mostly
preferred and however open toed shoes are acceptable for a more casual look.

Grooming: a women should keep hair out of her
face and brushed. Nails should be painted with a natural color, don’t match the
nails to your outfit. Makeup should look natural and clean. Too much color can
be distracting. keep nails and teeth well maintained.

Accessories: should be kept to a minimum. Handbags
should match your outfit as well as scarves or belts.

Body Modifications: Tattoos should be covered, whether
with clothing, shoes or make up. When it comes to Piercings the only Piercings
allowed are one hole on each ear, any other type of piercing should be covered
or removed a women should think wisely before you get something done like even
if you get your nose pierced you will still have a scar your employer might


Here are some of the things a individual should
never wear in the work place no matter where he or she is working:


Shoes: crocs, stiletto heels, or long high
heels and flip-flops or any type sandal without a back Head hats should also
not be worn unless it is part of the work uniform, scrunches, heavy makeup,
excessive jewelry, and sunglasses inside Bottom sweatpants as well as yoga
pants and footless leggings should also not be worn not even under a long top
to go with tights instead for under skirts and dresses, short-shorts or skirts
and wallet chains should also not be worn sweatshirts and message T-shirts ,
sports jerseys, tank tops are also nonprofessional. Materials like velour,
patent leather, sequins as more than a accessory, glitter, and animal prints
are also not good for work.










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