Erin more gun control laws in the United

Erin O’BrienMr. ConklinU.S. History- Period C17 December 2017Make America Safe AgainThe biggest question being asked today is whether or not the United States would be benefitted by making guns illegal. There are two arguments regarding this question and they are still being debated. One side of the argument is that guns should be legal because people need them to protect themselves if they were ever in danger and the other side of the argument is that guns should be illegal because it would prevent most crimes from occurring. Many people define a gun as a portable firearm such as a rifle or handgun that throws a projectile, like a bullet. Guns can be very dangerous to use if people are not fully knowledgeable on how to use them. The Second Amendment states “the right to bear arms” and to some people that means everyone can own a gun and to others that means only some people can own a gun. In the United States, knowing how dangerous guns are, there should be more stricter gun control laws made to limit the terrorist attacks and massacres and the accidental deaths and suicides among citizens. A reason why there should be more gun control laws in the United States is because more guns lead to more unwanted deaths and suicides. There has been research shown that 22% of Americans own one or more guns including which are 12% women and 35% men. The Federal Firearms Act of 1938 states “that people needed federal firearm licenses to own a gun and if not, it was illegal to sell a gun to anyone who did not have a license”(“Background of the Issue”). Putting that Act into place was a very smart idea but even though it became a law there was still many deaths in the United States. In 2014, it was shown that there were about 21,000 suicides by gun and about 11,000 homicides by gun(“America’s Gun Culture in 10 Charts”). This data shows that guns cause so many deaths and that they should not be sold to just anyone who wants one. In an interview with Kelly Lenehan she stated that “many people use guns even if they do not even know how to use one, so that is why they should be illegal to everyone because it leads to many unwanted deaths”(Lenehan interview). She is correct on that because that is exactly what leads to all these accidental deaths, people who do not know how to use guns. Even if people have guns for self protection against criminals, they may pull the trigger even if they do not mean to and cause accidental deaths. To be able to own a gun, people should have to go through thorough background checks so that guns are not just being sold to anyone. The death and suicide rate would decrease if guns were made illegal so people who did not know how to use guns would not be able to use them.Many people would disagree with this and claim that by letting guns be legal it would benefit and protect citizens against criminals. People think that by getting rid of guns, criminals will still be able to obtain guns and that it would leave everyone else more vulnerable since they would have nothing to protect themselves with. As stated in an interview with Neal O’Brien, “the biggest issue about guns today is that guns should be legal because people should have the right to protect themselves for all lawful purposes”(O’Brien interview). By letting guns be legal would just let criminals be able to obtain more firearms more easily. Also another argument is that there are shown to be many knife attacks but knives are not being debated over like guns are. This is because knives are not usually used for killing many people and sometimes there needs to be a debate over the more dangerous issue first, which in this case is guns. Research showed that “66% of mass shooters used legal firearms and 34% of mass shooters used illegal firearms”(“America’s Gun Culture in 10 Charts”). By looking into this, it shows that by making guns illegal there would not be as many deaths because most of the shootings that occurred were with the use of legal firearms. People argue that by limiting firearms, it would make the innocent citizens more vulnerable if they were to be attacked but it shows in studies, like this one above, that firearms that were legal were used more than illegal firearms. This proves that even though criminals can obtain guns even if they were made illegal, it would make there be a higher chance of lesser mass shootings. Another reason why there should be more gun control laws in the United States is because without all the guns, there will not be as many terrorist attacks or massacres. As stated in an interview with Mary Beth O’Brien “guns should be legal to the police because they need them to protect all the innocent citizens against terrorists”(O’Brien interview). It needs to be put into consideration though, that by making guns legal for some will cause controversy between others. “There were at least 126 mass shootings between January 2000 and July 2014.”(“Background of the Issue”). These unnecessary shootings could have been prevented by making stronger, more effective gun control laws. Mass shootings have been going up every year and the amount of people killed by guns each year has also gone up since 2014. In Las Vegas at a concert this year, fifty eight people were killed and about 500 more people were injured. By making guns illegal, this could have still happened, but there would have been a higher chance that this could have been prevented. The safety of the citizens should be the number one priority in the United States and by having guns available to everyone would not be an ideal way to run a country. The Las Vegas shooter was a coward. He decided to ruin other people’s lives to try and make himself feel better, by shooting multiple rounds into a crowd, not knowing who would be affected by it. Children have a whole, long life ahead of them and if they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, like at the Las Vegas concert, all of those memories they could have had would be gone. Guns do not just kill people, they inflict pain upon the families and friends of the ones who were killed or hurt. People were permanently scarred from that night at the concert and nothing could ever make them forget about what had happened, and it is all because of the gun violence. By making firearms illegal, it could have prevented this awful terrorist attack from happening and saved many lives.There needs to be more gun control laws in the United States to make the lives of U.S. citizens easier and more safe. There should be laws such like having to go through extreme background checks before being able to obtain firearms. By making this a law, it would make the United States have a safer environment because it would mean that someone could only buy a firearm if they passed the background check given. The background check should consist of looking into people’s pasts to see if they have any crime based records. It should also consist of asking the person many questions including why they want to buy the gun. If anyone does not pass the background check, meaning they have a bad record or they did not answer the questions that they were asked truthfully, then they should not be able to own a gun. If someone does pass the background check, then they should still be checked up upon to make sure they are not using the guns for unlawful purposes. These gun control laws of making people go through background checks, would save innocent lives and make the United States a safer place, which is something everyone hopes for.People could argue against making stricter gun control laws but if people really look deep into the guns themselves, it makes people realize that guns cause so many unwanted, unintentional, gruesome crimes. Gun violence has never been so high and if people are still being allowed to carry firearms without a secure background check, then the world is not going to become a better place. The government really needs to question whether or not guns benefit people in a good or bad way. There needs to be more gun control laws in the United States due to the jump in unwanted deaths and suicides, the awful terrorist attacks, and the way the government handles making the laws about gun control. All this violence needs to come to an end quickly, and to achieve this firearm laws need to be more controlled.Works Cited”America’s Gun Culture in 10 Charts.” BBC, 15 Nov. 2017,″Background of the Issue.”,, 18 Feb. 2016,, Vic. Guns, Violence, and Teens.Cruz, Kate. “The Pros and Cons of Gun Control.” Odyssey, 3 July 2016,, Matt. Gun Control: Preventing Violence or Crushing Constitutional Rights?Harriot, Michael. “Every Argument Against Commonsense Gun Control Broken Down to Its Idiotic Nonsense.” The Root, 15 Nov. 2017,, Kelly. Personal Interview. 17 December 2017Moosa, Tauriq. “Two Important Arguments from Both ‘Sides’ of the Gun Debate.” The Big Think Inc, 2016,’Brien, Marybeth. Personal Interview. 17 December 2017O’Brien, Neal. Personal Interview. 17 December 2017