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Environmental concerns increases timely and municipal solid waste (MSW) management is one of prime importance in such rising urban issues. Landfilling is the most frequent waste disposal method adopted worldwide. The waste is disposed of in open dumps, which not only leads to severe environmental degradation but also badly pollutes clean water and air. Due to such dumping, the location becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, harboring diseases, inviting animals, and emitting unpleasant odors which have negative effects on the health of humans, animals, and marine life. Also most communities leave the landfills unattended which causes land pollution and uncontrolled buildup of all sorts of solid waste materials. The Philippines generate about 16,589,980 tons of waste every year. And 10.55 % of it are plastics. Plastics being durable, low cost, water resistant, and light weight are the few reasons people keep on consuming it. But plastics that were not disposed properly are hazards to wildlife animals and could clog roadside drains, which could cause the flooding of the street at heavy rainfalls. Greenpeace notes that, the Philippines contributed 1.88 million tons of “mismanaged plastic waste” each year, with Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia also on its list of the world’s biggest ocean plastic polluters (2017). The sad truth is, it was lamented that an area of plastic waste four times the size of the Philippines exists in the Pacific Ocean today, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (Constantino, 2016).Plastics take centuries to decompose completely. Since not all plastics are being recycled, this study makes it possible to lessen the amount of plastics sent to landfills. This is done by making eco tiles. Eco tiles are made by mixing crushed plastic wastes to the cement mixture used to create tiles. This idea was inspired by the eco bricks which were also using plastic wastes as an ingredient to make things possible.


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