English in 5 Basic Rules of Subject-Verb-Agreement. The

is one of the most important things in this world. It may not be the most
spoken language in the world, but it is the official language in a large number
of countries. English plays a big role in the society. People can easily
communicate in other people because of English language. In the field of
grammar, English is very important especially to the students. English grammar
is a valuable tool for success in many areas of life, it is not used to create
a gap in the social world. Grammar is the study of rules governing the use of
language. The set of rules governing all languages and part of the general
study of language called linguistics. It is also important because it
standardizes the language into easy to understand patterns and it improves
people credibility, helps organize arguments and thoughts and can be applied in
both speaking and writing. In its broadest sense, grammar is the way a language
works. It is the method which small units of meaning, usually known as words,
are organized into larger units, such as sentences. Although, each word in a
language is a symbol of an idea, it does communicate fully unless it is
grammatically related to other words. For example, the words have haphazard
sequence such as “brown jump over fox big the lazy dog” have very little
meaning unless they are organized according to the principles of English
grammar into the sentence. “The big brown fox jump over the lazy dog.” Each
language has its own way of communicating, which is its own grammar. Therefore,
it can be expected that the grammar of any given language will differ somewhat
from other grammars of all other languages. In English, there are some problems
that every individual encountered. Every students made an errors when it comes
in constructing grammar. Most of it is constructing English grammar with the
correct usage of 5 Basic Rules of Subject-Verb-Agreement.

          Subject-Verb-Agreement is one of the
basic but at the same time complicated topic in English. There are some
students commit mistakes in using it in a proper way. The researchers noticed
that in Oriental Mindoro Academy, there are some students confuse on using it.
So, the researchers come up with a research about the Level of Performance of
Grade7-students in 5 Basic Rules of Subject-Verb-Agreement. The researchers
would like to conduct this research because they want to suggest some ways to
improve and enhance the Level of Performance of Grade7-students of Oriental
Mindoro Academy in 5 Basic Rules of Subject-Verb-Agreement.

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research deals with the Level of Performance of Grade-7 students of Oriental
Mindoro Academy in 5 Basic Rules of Subject-Verb-Agreement. This research is
carried out to suggest some solutions to help the students to perform
successfully in different English activities. This research aims at finding out
the Level of Performance of the students. Also, it aims to help the students to
enhance and develop their level of performance in terms of using 5 Basic Rules
of Subject-Verb-Agreement correctly.


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