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Elon Musk is a man known for his creativity and curiosity of the unknown. Fromhis dream of colonizing Mars to wanted self-driving cars, Musk has done a lot of thingsthat are getting humans to a next level. Not only does he imagine his projects, but hefinds a way to improve them. Rather than just having a self-driving car, he wants onethat is solar powered. Rather than just sending humans to Mars, he wants to send themin reusable rockets. The projects he works in are not just for show or money but ratherin improving the human race.One of his latest projects gaining much attention is his company, The BoringCompany. The name of his company is a complete oxymoron; a bland name with anintriguing mission. The Boring Company was created just based of the fact that LosAngeles has lousy and slow traffic. He created the company with the mission to createunderground tunnels that will take you to locations in a much faster speed than takingyour ordinary expressway.As mentioned, Musk’s hate for traffic and creativity were the basis of the foundingof the company. The tunnels will be digged underground and travel in an electric sled at125 miles per hour. His goal is to also names these tunnels after famous poets orpieces of literary. Although no tunnels have been created, he started on one in thepremises of his company SpaceX. Since SpaceX is another company of his, he doesn’tneed a permit or permission from the city to get the project started. The attention for thistunnels has gotten the interest of cities such as Baltimore, New York City, and Chicago.In Chicago he plans to build a tunnel from the city to O’Hare and have all of theproduction be privately funded by him without any money from the city.It is important to note that this invention is not for something to get rich from orbenefit purely himself. Just the fact that he wants to build the tunnels with his ownmoney goes to demonstrate that he wants to just better the way humans live. Thistechnology of being able to travel 125 miles per hour in tunnels to other locations willmake trains and buses seem like a thing from the past. We can improve our way oftraveling and make it easier for us to not just be able to travel but travel at fasterspeeds. It can also help gas emissions by having people take these tunnels of longdistances rather than driving the same distance and polluting the air.Based on the fact that his well-known cars Tesla have already been ordered forproduction and his rockets have successfully launched, it is highly possible that thesetunnels will be in place very soon. Mr. Musk is a very motivated man to get things doneand if they fail, to keep on trying until they finally work. His inventions will place him nextto great inventors such as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.


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