Education and Learning System Education and Learning

                                                        Education and Learning
and Learning are the
process of acquiring new knowledge ,  behavior
,skills values. Since we are born we start learning from are parents and from
other people. We use our education everywhere when we talk to our family, to
our friends, when we debate for a topic and even when we make decisions. We
grow up, we go to school and start learning how to read, write, pronounce, learn
new thing about the world. But how do we learn and how many years do we spend
till we graduate, to become somebody?
        Each country has it’s own
education and learning system, so does our country. It starts with elementary
schools for children from age six and it is until 5th grade, than
it’s junior high school from 6th grade till 9th grade or
it is called as middle school. Students here are obliged to finish junior high
school. High school is next with grades from 10 – 12 .After finishing it most of
students decide to go to university .
         In our learning system we give importance in
homeworks and projects. Both of them are very productive ways to learn and to
keep in mind lessons for a long time. The basic objectives
of assigning homework to students are the same as schooling in general: to
increase the knowledge and improve the abilities and skills of the students, to
prepare them for upcoming lessons, to extend what they know by having them
apply it to new situations, or to integrate their abilities by applying
different skills to a single task. Homework is designed to reinforce what
students have already learned. In our education system ,surfing the net is
also a way to learn new things and to be active taking informations. Working in
groups ,like projects or debates increases performance and productivity, groups
that work well together can achieve more individuals working on their own .It
also helps you develop personal skills and identify strengths and weaknesses.
         A lot of classrooms are having
interactive white boards that helps students through visualation , help lessons
to become more interesting ,so students become more engaged with the subjects
they are learning. 
Multimedia refers to computer-mediated information that is presented
concurrently in more than one medium. It consists not necessarily all of the
following elements, such as text; still graphic images; motion graphics;
animations; hypermedia; photographs; video; and audio, i.e., sounds, music.
Multimedia can support multiple representations of the same piece of
information in a variety of formats.
        Competition is  a way that encourages students to
participate. In competitions students bring out the best , they also tend to
compare their grades to see who is better . The effect  of competitons on students depends on each
individual’s level of agency are usually self –motivated and are willing to
risk failure. In severe cases, the pressure to
perform in some countries is so high that it can result in stigmatization of
intellectually deficient students, or even suicide as a consequence of failing
the exams.
         All these methods help students to be more
productive and to show the results of the education and learning .Students must
be able to develop the skills they own and to be able to become who they want
to ,in the future. All the future depends on education and it must be just
like a sport or a book in that if the book is well written and enjoyable than
there is more incentive to read it, just as someone will put more effort into a
sport that is fun than a sport they don’t enjoy. If school were fun, than
students would strive to learn more. 



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