Economics to unstoppable inflation and unemployment. This

Economics is like a living being with which we communicate, and through research and statistics it represents the truth and inspires critical thinking and gives criticism to our current ways. It plays an essential role in every part of our lives. It is a common language, which is used not only by nations and businesses but by any regular man in its everyday life.

I began to appreciate the economy through my economics class when learning about inflation, specifically the inflation in Yugoslavia, which occurred in 1989. It attracted my attention because this inflation was considered the second largest inflation that occurred in world’s history. Already acquiring fundamental knowledge in economics, I realized the price of liberalization and that the import of consumer goods led to an expansion of imports. It suppressed the sale of the already small spectrum of domestic products, leading to unstoppable inflation and unemployment. This shows how much stability of the economy plays an important role when it comes to the survival and development of a country.

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Before I started studying economics, my passion was mathematics, because I could always use a logical approach to solving the problems and observing the tasks as real-life examples. I found a link between the two because both Mathematics and Economics show how the world works in terms of how people think. Both of them can help to make decisions and choices, to find out how something functions and how problems and situations are derived.

Last year I had the opportunity of participating in an economic debate about the World Trade Organization (WTO) at Model United Nations in Mostar (MUNiM), with the theme of Free Trade V.S. Protectionism and the nominated country, Argentina. Before the conference, I had to investigate previous WTO resolutions, to find out the position of Argentina in the organization, and to prepare solutions. Also, I had to find arguments from previous, as well as current situations, which would be in favour of Argentina. Therefore, I have expanded my understanding of other nations and cultures and my knowledge of economics. I realized the importance of economic policy and its interconnection between countries.

In addition, in the last two years, I have been running a business on the Internet, in one of the most effective social platforms for e-commerce sites, where I have acquired communication skills in terms of social media platform and client relations. I have improved my analytical thinking and technical skills through programming, especially the C ++ programming language and LabVIEW programming. Furthermore, what I have done lately is the creation of HTML languages and CSS, in which I’ve trained my networking skills and design. However, for these skills, I have not yet had the opportunity to show them at some serious level, but thanks to them I managed to encourage myself to self-thought.

During the break, I attended a training course in an accounting firm where the company’s employees showed me their way of working, invoicing, balance sheet, or value of the firm, and the balance of success, or how much remained for the company, related to money. It was a great test to encounter complex tasks in the short term, but also a good introduction to what I could be dealing with in the future.

I danced a Bosnian traditional dance for 13 years, and for 5 years I danced ballet. I think that the performances in both of these dances gave me the confidence by performing in front of the audience. Moreover, this exposure has led me to understand the importance of discipline, working habits as well as the crucial significance of teamwork.

My choice of studying in Great Britain is primarily because it is considered one of the largest financial and business centres in the world, making it a perfect environment to study and understand economics. For this reason, I consider it a great opportunity where I can realize my dreams, show and further develop my skills.


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