een poor farmers went bankrupt, and eventually,

een virtually impossible to solve all the problems that faced each group. Instead, the best method would have been to solve the problems that would otherwise have had the greatest negative impact on society.

The group that was most negatively affected by industrialization was the farmers. Because of the explosive growth of big business, the farmers were left behind with an enormous disadvantage. Since any large company would give services like the railroads the most business, it only made sense for those services to give special rates and privileges. Because of this, many of the poor farmers went bankrupt, and eventually, nearly all of them would have, causing a major shortage of farming products. The only way to prevent this from happening would be for the government to regulate transactions between services like the railroads and large corporations, and apply those same transactions to the farmers. This would give small farmers an equal chance to compete with the larger corporations.

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On a related matter is small business. Just like before, big business is trying to use its large influence to gain an advantage against its smaller opponent. In this case, it’s small businesses. The large businesses would frequently form alliances with each other, or “trusts,” so that they could get together to send their competition into bankruptcy. A solution to this problem would be for the government to regulate these trusts, and decide that if it is in the best interest of the country, to not let a specific trust between two companies form. The success of such a program can be seen by looking at how important the U.S. Justice Department is to us today.

Another group that was negatively affected by the industrial revolution was the children. They were forced to work long, hard hours for less than sufficient pay. This was a result of the greed from the large companies to make as much profit as possible, with little or no regard for their workers wellbeing, or that of societies. The most practical solution to this problem would be to outlaw manual labor of children under the age of 16. In addition, it should be mandatory for those children to attend a public or private school system. This would not only greatly help the suffering children and give them the proper education that they need, but it would also free up the job market for the large unemployment market that was facing many adults in that time.

Those are the most practical solutions to the problems of the industrial revolution that would cause the least amount of consequences. They would have made America during the industrial revolution a much better place during its transition from a small, practical country to an economic giant.


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