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Drinking and driving, that’s one of the thing a lot of teenagers do but wouldn’t admit because they feel ashamed.Drinking and driving has caused a lot of people to die. Most teenagers that drink and drive are around 16 to 20 and they are also 17 times more likely to die. And in Forged by fire when Andy chose to drink and drive and that caused Rob to die. But people who are younger are less likely to drive after drinking but if they do they are more likely to crash. So that, means when Andy did drive after drinking he was more likely to crash. Also 70% of all teenagers admitted in drinking and driving in 2015.  So drinking and driving is one of the things that people do but they know they’re not supposed but they still do it. And the reason they do it is because when they’re in the act they don’t know much that is going on because they’re drunk. Drinking and driving is a thing that everyone does not just teenagers. There is a 14%  population of teenagers drinks and drive and the rest 84% is everyone else that drink and drive. But the highest percent of people that drink and drive are around 21 to 24 years old. That’s because they are the age where they are finally able to drink and they are excited to.   The issue of the book is that Gerald was abused when he was two and when his mother was put away he was sent to his Aunt for six years. Then his mother came back and when doing that his Aunt died. Then he had to move in with his mother but he was also introduced with Jordan his step dad and their daughter Angle. Then when he moved in he found out that Angle was abused too but she was also molested. So then Gerald his friend’s dad and they brought Jordan to jail 6 years just like his mother Monique. So after he left Gerald and Angel got their lives together, Gerald got basketball and Angel got dancing. But when Jordan came back Gerald and Angel was very surprised and couldn’t do much as well then when he wasn’t there. Then he was trying to act like he wasn’t bad or anything then Monique got hit by a taxi and she was put in the hospital for a couple weeks then she was able to go home. But then she was addicted to non prescribed drugs and Jordan was giving her those drugs. So when she would have those she would blast the TV and annoy Jordan. But one day it was very hot and Jordan came home and the air conditioning was gone and he was mad because of it. So when he snapped he hit Monique and Gerald and Monique didn’t like that. Then soon after he left Gerald and his friends were in a car crash because of drunk driving and one of his friends died. So after that he was acting reckless like walking home, not picking up Angel and more. But when he was walking home one time Angel was home alone then Angel started boiling hot dogs on the stove. And Jordan came home drunk and tried to rape Angel again from doing that he blocked her to get back to the hot dogs. Then the apartment got set on fire because of that, and then when Gerald came home and saw the fire and came inside and saw Jordan with Angel. So he helped Angel by pulling Jordan away and that caused them to fight and Jordan won that fight and soon after Jordan ran out because of the fire. And after that Angel and Gerald was rescued from the fire.   I think Forged by fire is a realistic book because everything that happened in the book could happen in real life. Like anyone could have been abused as a child and had to move in with their Aunt. And he’s been through many tragic things like deaths, fires and big accidents those things people don’t really get into a lot but Gerald been through it all. And drinking and driving is very common too and a lot of people get into them and they crash too. And in the book they handled drinking and driving as a bad thing as they should. So that lead to one of Gerald’s friends causing a death to another one of his friends. And what happened was tragic and terrible too and Gerald had a bad reaction to it. So he acted recklessly and walked home and not picking up Angel which caused a fire because she was home.    In conclusion a lot of things has happened to Gerald and Angel and also drinking and driving is also one of the tragic things that happened to gerald. Him losing his friend is one of the tragic things that has happened to him and he didn’t react good. And also drinking and driving has caused one of Gerald good friends to die so that is also the reason why you shouldn’t drink and drive. So overall drinking and driving isn’t a thing that you should do and if you do that will cause someone to die of even yourself.


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