Dreams are Lucid Dreams ?Lucid Dreams are

Dreams are images/stories your mind creates while you are sleeping. Dreams can be enjoyable, fun, romantic or can also be disturbing, frightening and strange. Even though we don’t remember the dream the next day.What are Lucid Dreams ?Lucid Dreams are dreams in which you are aware that your dreaming, during the REM stage of your sleep. According to researcher Stephen LaBerge (American psychophysiologist), Lucid dreamers are able to remember their identification, think clearly and act intentionally within the dream world.Why do we dream? Scientists have been studying sleep and dreams for a long period of time and nobody is still one hundred percent sure about the function of sleep or exactly how and why we dream. Some researchers say dreams are meaningless activities from your sleeping brain. Some also say dreams are required for emotion, mental and physical health. Studies have shown how important dreams are to our health and well being, for example, In studies researchers woke up subjects just as they were entering REM sleep. They found that those who were not allowed to dream experienced tension increase, depression, Anxiety, difficulty concentrating, loss of coordination, hallucination and gain weight.Many experts say that dreams exist to help you solve problems in your lives. They say that if you go to bed feeling nervous or frightened, puzzled, you might wake up with a solution, or just feel better about the situation.Sigmund Freud believed they revealed a person’s unconscious desires, thoughts and motivations. Freud thought dreams were a way for people to satisfy urges and desires. Some dreams may help our brains process our thoughts and events which occurred during the day. Others just say it is the result of normal brain activity and mean very little if anything. There are still researchers trying to find the exact reasons why we dream. History of dreamsThe recorded history of dreams goes back over 5,000 years to 3100 B.C. with the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. Gods and kings were very careful and serious about what they dreamed about. They recorded all their dreams on clay tablets. They believed that when you dreamed you didn’t travel to the dream world but another you, would leave your body (the dreamer) and experience the adventures that you had in your a dream. The Babylonians and Assyrians believed there were only two types of dreams the good and the bad. Good dreams were sent from the gods and bad dreams from demons. They also saw dreams as having powers, they thought they could tell the future. Ancient Egypt: In Ancient Egypt, they recorded down all their dreams on papyrus. Egyptians thought dreams had high value.They constructed special temples dedicated to dreaming. They believed that if a sick person slept in one of the dream temples, they would get help from the gods to get better.Ancient Greece: The Ancient Greeks had similar thoughts from the Ancient Egyptians about dreams . They thought that dreams were sent messages from the gods or sometimes from the dead. They also used dreams to predict futures, look for solutions from problems and to decide which action to take.


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