Dot persuade developers to deploy Dot Not framework

 Dot net developer Summary: This article figures out some of the prominent reasons that persuade developers to deploy Dot Not framework for web applications development.Different frameworks allow businesses to create dynamic and scalable web applications that can help businesses to connect their employees, customers, suppliers, vendors in one loop. While the importance of web applications rose significantly in the past decade, Dot Net surfaced as a revolutionary application framework, allowing developers to create feature-rich and customer-centric websites and web applications. It is one of the premium level platforms for web development, preferred by most for its user-friendly approach and overwhelming integrated options for advanced applications. It helps in building quality-oriented, appealing and interactive applications, from smallest enterprise-level, personal application to large-sized corporate web applications, all at affordable costs.Without further ado, let’s put a glance at the most persuasive reasons for choosing Dot Net framework for web application.#1 Support for Cross-platform developmentModern day businesses or organisations now deploy devices that suit their people or allow them to get their own device. Hence, it is crucial for every enterprise application to be feasible enough to run on varied devices including tablets, desktops, and smartphones. .Net platform is one of the highly adaptable platforms suitable for making web applications that can run on different devices by using and reusing different components.#2 Reliable with multiple programming languagesUnlike other platforms, .Net does not depend on any one programming language. Subsequently, the applications developed using it can have their functionality in any other language that the owners deem fit. By supporting several programming languages, it enables the users to work all together with a common interface.#3 Easy maintenance of the frameworkThe web applications built with .Net rarely needs rewriting of codes for adding any new modules or revamping the existing ones. Nevertheless, the time required by the developers in modifying any application is greatly reduced which leads to insignificant costs for maintenance.#4 Reliable cloud technology supportMost enterprises while developing an exquisite application for their business think of long-run and expect it to be adaptable to future circumstances. .Net framework is backed by the most advanced technology i.e. cloud technology. Cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure builds, tests, deploys and manages applications though globally located data centres. Henceforth, any .Net application will be scalable and futuristic enough to enable the organisations to expand their operations in the best possible ways.#5 Widespread availability of resourcesLastly, another popular reason for most businesses to prefer .Net development is the easy and widespread availability of skilled programmers or professionals team from trusted development companies. On the obvious note, any application built by hardcore .Net experts will have rich functionality and high-end scalability compared to the one built with an amateur programmer.Without a doubt, those who want to create feature-packed as well as scalable web application to take their business to the web front, .Net framework is the unrivalled choice. With right resources and right platform at the right hands, businesses can rest assured their applications will be fruitful in the long run and will have the potential to connect their business agents in one loop.Author an avid writer and Dot net developer, working at GetAProgrammer, which a long-established software and applications development company in Australia. He likes to keep himself up-to-date with the major drifts in web development and pens them down for the knowledge of others.


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