Don’t why we have to make computers

Don’t you
feel that the present world’s technology is always behind advancing AI? Before we
start, what do you think is the basic difference between a machine and a human,
simple answer isn’t it? Its feelings or what we call emotions, and logical thinking.
The very feeling of  getting jealous
looking at  that girl’s new dress,
getting upset because he’s not talking to you, exploding with anger when hear false
rumors about you and  feeling happy when
you are with your loved ones, everything is an emotion one feels. Another difference
is the fact that machines don’t have common sense, most of the humans don’t too
either, but now that’s different.

So when one looks
at advancing AI, he should keep in mind that he has to generate feeling and
give it the knowledge of common sense. Once you analysis how are emotions felt
by humans, you’re already half way there and writing a code might not be that tough.
Sooner or later we’ll have machine that think exactly like humans, imagine a
world where everyone has robotic friends.

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But one thing
that one must keep in mind is that when machines are given the consciousness of
a human, what would be consequences on the world. I mean, imagine a scenario in
which we technologically advance to a day where machines are much smarter than
the humans. This mean it is the end of humans, there might be a situation
involving an army of robots overtaking the world if we are not careful enough. Now,
to avoid this we should create robots that don’t know the meaning of anger n
hatred. But it should be able to understand the feelings of the opposite person
and be ready to console them at all circumstances. I get that I’m contradicting
facts over here but don’t you get the point? That’s why we have to make
computers realize their mistakes, operate faster, predict events and emotions. By
understanding the difference between desired outcome and reality, machines will
learn a sense of regret and how to minimize it with lesser mistakes and increased

 Human can feel and gain consciousness because of
our brain. So if we could make a device that would be able to process like our
brain, i.e. would have a capability to send signals which lead us to emotion and
decision making then would be end up with robots comparable with humans.  

Guys, do you
know how far we have reached in our research for bringing out a conscious
robot? Guess what, we actually came pretty far.  Scientist has actually figured out a biotic
arm which receives impulses from the brain and converts them into actions and
movements. This could be one way we can link the brain in such a manner to a
robot. Claudia Mitchell, a woman, can feel her hand moving after having nerves
from her lost hand rerouted to her chest, with an artificial arm has been given
the sense of touch following an operation to remount some of her nerves.

Doctors have
developed a biotic eye transplantation which transfers data from
camera-equipped lenses directly to a blind person’s optical nerve.

Scientists have
also created a way to control a robot with signals from the human brain by
generating brain waves picked up by electrodes that sense signals and reflects
a person’s instruction and tells what people are thinking by displaying patterns
on a computer screen.

They have
even made a humanoid robot which consists of an excellent sensory system, a
head, torso, arms and legs and a flexible spine but no legs that brings several
sub fields of human and artificial intelligence of a two year old child. Its artificial
brain is made up of several combinations of processing components.

Have you
heard about the technology GelSight? It was discovered to provide physical
touch sense for machines or robots. It uses physical contact with an object to
provide a remarkably detailed 3D map of its surface. All the data from the GelSight
sensor to enable a robot to judge the harness of the surfaces it touches is
stored, hence a sense of ability to handle everyday objects. Basically it
consists of a block of transparent rubber on which one face is coated with
metallic paint. When this metallic painted face is pressed against an object,
it conforms to the objects shape. The metallic paint makes the objects surface reflective
so its geometry becomes much easier for computer vison algorithms to infer. Mounted
on the sensor opposite the painted face of the rubber block are three colored
lights and a single camera. The colored lights at different angles, and then
this reflective material, and by looking at the colors, the computer can figure
out what the 3D object is front of it really is.


on, people in the past never imagined the internet, airplanes, flying cars or
touch screen mobiles in the picture but we have them all now or are in the
process of development. Bringing a conscious robot wouldn’t be a miracle. We have
intelligent people all around the world working hard in finding ways we can
achieve this goal. 


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