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Do you think the government should do more to help families balance work and family?The government should do more to help those who need assistance to balance work and family lives.. Some think that the government should set policies and work with businesses to help families . Others think that it should be up to individual employers to determine how they run their workplaces. I myself believe that there should be more done by the government and employers to help families with parental leave, childcare, and balancing work and family. Parental leave is one of the many problems concerning families. Starting with maternity leave , the parental leave rule gives mothers more time off then fathers (Proudfoot1). It seems like parental leave is leaving our fathers . The fifteen weeks that is given for parental leave can only be used by mothers (Proudfoot 3). Fifteen weeks is a long time , look at those mom-only weeks and how they may effectively discourage fathers from taking time off . “I wonder if there’s a bit of path dependency, where because we force moms to start the leave, it ends up treating dad’s leave as leftovers,” says Robson, who specializes in social policy, program design and household decision-making (Proudfoot 4) . Childcare is also a problem concerning families . Mainly finding childcare is the biggest issue , “Executives say it can be challenging to predict enrollment in corporate child-care centers. (Feintzeig 14). There are also concerns that come with childcare , “Many worry about children’s safety and compliance issues” (Feintzeig 14) There is also more issues with childcare like the cost of it , some mothers cannot afford the expensive child care , and most of the workplaces don’t offer an on-site child care . “The programs can be complicated and costly to run, part of the reason only 4% of employers offer a child-care center near or on-site” (Feintzeig 4). But some places do take the risk of having on-site childcare … “Bosses say the investment pays off and keeps women in the workforce”(Feintzeig 4). Lastly one of the biggest struggles with family is balancing work and family. Women who are usually the head of the household have a lot of stress to deal with while trying to balance work and family . “Women shoulder more of the burden at home, according to data from LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co”(Feintzeig 7). “research firm Life Meets Work, says women face pressure to be both ideal workers and ideal mother’s “(Feintzeig 8) . Sometimes the stress can be too much for some mothers . “Yet the struggle to balance work and home remains more pronounced for many women, and sometimes leads mothers to leave the workforce”(Feintzeig 11). “Graves says that the company found itself losing mothers who wanted to stay home with their children”(Feintzeig 11).