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Do you know that one of the leading causes of death to many teenagers is car accidents? As a result, statistics have shown that teen drivers are more likely to be involved in auto crashes and that auto-crashes which is leading killers of teens. And people under 18 don’t pay attention to the road enough and are often listening to loud music or texting while driving which causes danger to other people and accidents which may leads them to death. In fact, teens under 18 are simply not mature enough to cope with the skills required for driving.Firstly, while many feel that 16 or 17 is excessively youthful for adolescents, making it  impossible to drive because of youthfulness or absence of experience, driving at a youthful age can build obligation. Adolescents with a driver’s permit must learn rapidly to pay special mind to their own well-being, and the security of people around them. Regardless of whether they have their own particular auto or acquire the family auto, adolescents should likewise figure out how to be in charge of its care or faces the outcomes. While driving at age 16 or 17 is viewed as a privilege of entry, youngsters must realize that their benefit to push can without much of stretch be taken away by guardians or law implementation for hazardous driving.On the other hand, for youthful drivers, one of the most serious risks confronting them out and about their absence of experience. Since, they have just been driving for a brief a span, high schooler drivers could be looked with testing or hazardous circumstances consistently that they may not know how to react to securely. As indicating by an article by the New York Day by Day News in 2008, the main source of death of adolescents is auto-collisions. Contrasting, if teens will start driving from age 16 or 17 their will be too much accidents because teenagers don’t have that experience to drive car and most of them text and drive were this can cause an accident or put other people in danger. In addition, teens are increasing car wrecking and increasing their injuries. Adolescents don’t know much of the consequences that come with driving car skills. In my opinion, the parents should be more responsible for their teens before they cause an accident or other such dangers. In short, it would be more better if teenagers get the driving license in the age of 18 when at least they will be trained for the driving skills and have an experience about what is the meaning of driving. 


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