Dissatisfaction like their job but aren’t satisfied


Research shows that when employees look forward to
going to their jobs (and the level of job satisfaction is high), the project is
highly likely to be on time and on budget (Dyer, 2017). On the contrary, when a
work is not fun to be at and a sense of dread appears, communication between
employees will be tense at best. There are many reasons why a staff member may
be dissatisfied at work such as salary, the way there are treated or change
within the organization such to name a few. In the beginning of internship
there was a survey conducted at JVO Bio one of the questions asked about the
satisfaction of working at JVO bio and the average score was a 7 on the
scale.  The individuals expressed that
they do like their job but aren’t satisfied by the way things are run or the
way they are treated by management. When employees lose interest in their work
and the organisation, they are considered to be ”demoralized”. An employee
who is demoralized feels unvalued, unappreciated, and even disrespected and
disregarded despite their capacities and talents stated Vdovin (2017). That
person will tends to be unproductive and irritable, and are more likely to look
for opportunities elsewhere instead of helping the company move forward states
Anton Vdovin (2017).

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We can’t look over the persons that communicate to
staff on a regular basis, the boss! Staff members look to business owners and
their managers for direction. However, here are persons that are given a leader
role that has poor leadership skills and poor communication capabilities
consequently the communication in the workplace will deteriorate. While good
leaders are able to be good examples and are able to motivate staff members,
poor and incompetent leaders are indecisive and are unable to inspire their
team Vdovin (2017). The reason that this is relevant for the project is because
at JVO Bio the owner (leader) instruct the staff on what they need to do in a
daily and hourly basis. That being said the leader needs to be able to
communicate properly in order for staff to interpret information in the way
that it is intended. 


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