Disney largest park covering 500 acres. In Addition,

Disney has grown a lot through the years. Adding a lot new attractions to amuse the people. With the 4 different parks you could never get sick of Disney. Not a lot of people know that one of the parks even stands for something. That park is Epcot. About 19 million people go to WDW a year. With its amazing features it is a great place to bring your child. Sub topic 1:Disney World Starts- Disney World first opened in 1971. On October 1st 1971, the grand opening happened with 10,000 people waiting to be let in.  Disney was included with the park Magic Kingdom, Contemporary, Polynesian, and Fort Wilderness Resort. For a long time, Magic Kingdom was the only park opened in 1971 to 1982. Magic World included 6 theme parks, just like today; Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Main St. USA, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, and Frontierland. It started all with only 23 attractions including the most popular rides Dumbo the Flying Elephants, Mad Tea Party, Peter Pan’s Flight, It a Small World, the Haunted Mansion, etc. Furthermore, After that Epcot theme park was the next park to open on October 1st 1982. Not many people know that Epcot stands for something. It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Walt Disney wanted to build a community of tomorrow, where the park would never be completed. The next park that opened was Hollywood Studio on May 1st 1989. But originally it was called MGM studio. However, in January 2008 it was named Hollywood Studios. Later on ion April 22 1998, the last park was opened, Animal Kingdom. It is Disney’s largest park covering 500 acres. In Addition, Epcot, when first opened it included Spaceship Earth. People still ride it today to adventure a once in a lifetime ride. It is the most popular ride in Epcot today. When Hollywood Studios it wasn’t called Hollywood Studios. It was called MGM studios, which stands for Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. Metro-Goldwyn Mayer is a movie studio that produces movies. You might recognize the studio with the iconic symbol of a lion roaring. Animal Kingdom isn’t the most recognizable pak. But with its amazing features you can point it out right away. You might regonzie it from the big tree in the middle of the park. Walt Disney World had a lot when it first opened, but a lot of attractions were added to make this magical place even better to amuse the people.Sub topic 2: Disney World Starts to Grow Disney World started to add a lot of more rides,shows, and many more things to Disney World for the people to visit. Ever since they opened Magic Kingdom there were many more rides coming to it. After two years after they opened Pirates of the Caribbean opened in Magic Kingdom. Soon after, Space Mountain was added which is one of the popular rides today. Later on, in 1980 the most popular ride was added, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Moreover, Epcot has a lot of things you can do there like visit the countries and many more. One of the most popular rides today, Test Track opened in epcot in 1999. Five years later Soarin opened up on May 5th. One of the most newest rides Frozen Ever After was released on June 21st 2016. Additionally, Hollywood Studios added a lot since when it first opened up. A couple years after it first opened the most famous ride was released on July 22,  The Hollywood Tower of Terror. The most famous show, Fantasmic, first started October 15th 1998. Numerous of people still watch that show today. In conclusion, Animal Kingdom measures about 500 acres. You can visit the animals they, eat at restaurant, ride the rides, visit the shows, and etc. A year after this park opened the ride Kali River Rapids was first opened. A few years after that the 3 largest ride was opened, Expedition Everest in 2006. May attractions were added to Disney World and some of them are now the most popular rides and show. Sub topic 3: Disney World Today Disney has changed in many ways. But what is disney like today. Disney has changed in many way. They have added a lot since it first opened. They opened shows, rides, more characters to visit, parades, stores, places to eat, hotels, and many more. Each 4 parks has changed in it own way.  Every park is its own kind of magical with its own icon. Magic Kingdom is known for the Cinderella Castle. You can visit it and there even is a restaurant it in. Epcot is known for its giant ball called Spaceship Earth also referred as “A giant golf ball”. It also is a ride inside, if you ever wondered how many mini triangles there are on it, there are 11,324. In Animal Kingdom, the giant tree, “The Tree of Life” is its icon. There even is a show inside of it called Its a Bugs Life. All over the tree there are animals that make up the Animal Kingdom. In Hollywood Studios, the icon is the Tower of Terror, which is a ride that drops you 131 feet. Disney is not complete, They are adding many more rides and shows to WDW. In 2017, they just added Panadar- The world of avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Hollywood is expanding with Toy Story Land on its way. They are also planning on adding a Star Wars Land in 2019.  Disney world has many more surprises to come. Conclusion: All in all, you can never get sick of Disney with new attractions they keep bringing to the parks. It is always a place where you can bring your children for a fun vacation. There are many places you can visit there, Within the 4 parks you can watch the shows, parades, ride the rides, eat at restaurants, and many more. Walt Disney world is one of the most visited places in the usa with over 19 million people visiting Disney a year.


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