Discussion utierez (Marketing IT Manager) lack of understanding

Discussion 1:

The mini case discussion is about IT and Business here we see that IT is a pain where most of the business users think IT shows no value to business here we see that VP, Cheryl O’Shea and Glen Vogel believe  IT won’t have minimum functions of  business as higher level of management. Paul utierez (Marketing IT Manager) lack of understanding of technical things and  Farzad Mohammed (CIO) under staffed  too busy to concern with business trip and Michelle Wright (CFO) knows how IT team keeps an  internal revenue good and  shouldn’t have an outsourcing.  but team needs work  have  no progress on this project; “Savvy Store” No integration, plan, or effective communications

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Here we see many things like there was no integration in between Business and IT and  Poor communication and Value on data Steering committee needs trained  also business environment Politics disrespect of others there was no plan in /time management

I see there was many problems in the scenario such as CIO was short staffed Corporate disconnect from retail sector there no Shared knowledge between co employees to outcomes the problem I suggest that to Hire more IT employees,  elaborate  CIO is  being understaffed and aids the ability for new system and good  co operation  between IT and Business streams and to  train and  hire to communicate Issue training for steering committee for  all management should be well-versed in all areas and understand the project as a whole Focus on customer experience to  find Savvy Store program

Discussion 2:

Both IT and business should work collaboratively and should develop communication with co employees and share knowledge and to maintain good time plan and the work should be monitored for every week so that they can avoid much errors also should schedule scum calls and meetings and to maintain good pre planned document so that they can  eradicate much errors to achieve goals



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