Diabetes there are some ways to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that disputes the ability to use glucose. Heart failure occurs when the heart can’t pump blood normally as it would, which could cause a person to die easily. Both of these diseases are related to the circulatory system, and that’s what this whole report is about.Diabetes, as said before is a disease that stops the body from using glucose. Sadly, there is no current dependable cure for diabetes. However, there are some ways to prevent diabetes from increasing. Patients are usually prescribed to exercise more and have a healthy diet. There are certain machines people use to control their glucose levels safely. There are two different types of diabetes (Diabetes 1 and Diabetes 2) and to prevent them, you need a substance called insulin. Insulin is injected into the patient as the insulin might get disrupted due to the digestion of food in the body if regularly drank. Drug manufacturers are preparing new ways to prevent diabetes, such as the insulin pump, while there is a new device that is developing by scientists called an “insulin infusion pump” that monitors the insulin and allows only a certain amount of insulin so the body doesn’t go unstable. Patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes are recommended to lose weight, controlling diets, and exercising regularly. Some patients are injected with insulin-producing cells to make more insulin. Patients have to do a lot of treatments to make sure everything is stable. However, over time, scientists have researched the use of “islet transplants”. Islets are just small, tiny groups of pancreatic cells. They also contain beta cells. So what they do is, the doctors search for the islets inside the donor’s pancreas. After that’s done, the islets are injected into the patient and then they will settle in the liver and start producing insulin. Scientists are also researching the use of “stem cells”. Stem cells have a unique thing that most other cells don’t do, they can develop any kind of cell in the body. Therefore, Scientists declare that there might be a treatment for Diabetes 1. The reason insulin cannot be taken often is that it might develop another disease called “hypoglycemia”. Insulin reduces glucose levels, and that’s exactly the reason for this disease. Hypoglycemia happens when a patient takes too much insulin, causing the glucose level to lower and lower until it reaches a dangerously low level. Some symptoms of this disease are confusion, unconsciousness, sweating, seizure, shakiness, and confusion.Blood pressure is a pressure that occurs when blood that gets pumped by the heart is exerted against the arteries’ walls. The amount of pressure is not always the same for everyone, as the pressure actually depends on the elasticity of the arteries, the volume of the blood in the circulatory system, and the rate of the heart’s contraction. Treating blood pressure involves examining the patient’s medical history, losing weight, reducing the amount of sodium in diets, and definitely avoiding alcohol.There are definitely other choices to treat blood pressure. There is a drug named Diuretics which increases the exporting of urine. The way Diuretics deals well with blood pressure and hypertension because when a patient consumes Diuretics, their kidney’s ability to export/eliminate sodium increases. Beta Blockers, another cure used by some people, slows down the heart rate and force, thus reducing blood pressure. Congestive heart failure (CHF) occurs when the heart cannot pump blood as efficiently as it originally would. Usually, treating CHF requires drugs that lower blood pressure and improve blood flow as it can help the heart recover. Diuretics, as mentioned before, will remove excess fluid to relieve edema by causing the patient to urinate more than usual. However, treating CHF depends on the main cause for the heart failure, replacing injured heart valves with other valves would treat some people, whereas treating by inserting an expandable metal mesh, which is apparently called a stent, could treat some people. Sometimes the patient’s heart is injured so much that there is absolutely no way to repair it. In this case, surgeons must perform a heart transplant surgery for the person to live on.Preventing those harmful diseases aren’t hard. Just don’t pick the wrong choices. As stated before, exercise regularly, have positive thoughts, choose a healthy diet, and most importantly, avoid alcohol and smoking.