The final design will be simulation of identified solution. A “dry” run will be
done to check if the solution is feasible, also what kind of changes have to
made to implement the new solution.

existing issues in the material handling system at ASML point towards
automating/semi automating material handling, further research needs to be
conducted to final an optimal solution towards making material handling more
efficient. If automation is the solution which type automation will suit ASML
production environment needs to be investigated.

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of solution:

elements of material handling solution as proposed by (Kulwiec,
1985) will include people, equipment, facilities, finance, and time. The
proposed solution will need to answer questions like

ü  How many operators will be involved

ü  What kind of training is needed

ü  How many maintenance staff will be needed,  and what kind of training they will need.

ü  What type of equipment will be used

ü  What are the power requirements

ü  Infrastructure changes requires in cleanroom

ü  How soon everything can be up and running

ü  Cost of the new material handling solution

ü  Return on investment



Goal of research? The designed
solution is to reduce and eliminate damage to wafers inside the FOUPs as well
as reticles inside reticle pods. Also the designed solution will help tracking
the location of FOUPs and Reticle pods. The proposed solution will aim to
eliminate possibilities in making errors also will improve traceability of the
reticle pods and FOUPs. The research will be limited to handling and transport
of FOUPs and reticles, other material like heavy modules and tool kits will not
be considered in this study.


Framing the research:

research questions mentioned above will look at investigation from another
point of view in order to demonstrate a clear picture about possible
improvements in material handling systems in ASML cleanroom. Later in the study
before optimizing and designing a new material handling system different
options will be analysed to look for best possible as well as financially
viable solutions.

research is mono disciplinary research as this will study and investigate only
one material handling system (FOUPs and reticle pods) within AMSL cleanroom
environment. The most dominant perspective is manual handling of materials.
Operational excellence, Procurement, Financial Management are most relevant MOS
modules. (van Eijnatten, 2017)



Method of research:

Type of research: Design
oriented, Regulative cycle. 


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