Dear business, finance, and management, hence I would

Dear  Sir/ Madam,My passion and curiosity about IBM had been cherished since college life and still now that curiosity is increasing day by day.Allow me for a position in the masters of International Business Management programme under the Department of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Oulu. In the mainstream of working as a customer service and relationship officer (CSR), I sharply realize that knowledge of global trade and business is  evidently important with major course. After a long observation of the course’s  curriculum available online, I found the subject materials and outcomes will the best suit to acuminate my career  and expectations.Besides, I want to equip myself with innovative knowledge of business designing and leadership which will later help me to start my own business..I was a student of arts in school and had been interested in pursuing a business degree since those days because I had strong inspiration from my parents and  teachers.At the outset of my undergraduate study, the field of business attracted me so much and from that time onward I  dreamt of pursuing my higher studies in life that deal with business and management. For this reason, I admitted myself to Bachelor of Business Administration at my undergraduate level. My long-term aim is to actively involve in the field of business, finance, and management, hence I would like to gain more knowledge.It’s clear  that a successful International Business Management degree will provide me an excellent foundation for a career in companies and organizations. With this letter, it’s my crave to  put across my interest in studying a Master’s degree program under the faculty of business school especially International Business at the University of Oulu.I graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Finance) from International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh with cumulative grade point average (CGPA) 3.767 in the scale of 4.00,(first class first). To further prepare myself for the program I completed a thesis project as the name of “Determination of Foreign Exchange Reserve: An Economic Analysis Of Bangladesh Experience” under the supervision of  Associate professor “Md. Zahangir Alam from my respective university. During my university life, I was very active in many co-curricular activities.I formed a number of cooperative associations with my friends among those RED(relationship and Economic Developments) is still very successful and popular.It gives me inspirations to be a perfect organizer but I need a broad concept of business, management, and international markets.Moreover, I was voluntarily involved in university affairs for the students union’s and welfare’s programs.In this program, my duties varied from taking prospective students on tours, arranging debates, cultural programs and sports competitions.Ultimately, with all of the responsibilities at hand, I was very alert to my academic performance.Hence, I was awarded 50% tuition fees waived which were given to top two performers of the department for the highest academic merits.At the time of selecting major subjects in university, I wanted to take both Finance and International Business, but due to unavailability of IB I choose only Finance. Besides major study area (International trade theories, Global strategy) are the reasons for my participation in your program.Whenever I am preparing for higher education and I found the master’s programme in International Business Management at the University of Oulu on,I noticed that my bachelor’s degree gave me an appropriate shape to pursue this programme and I can fulfill my dream.The experiences, I  gathered during university study and my current work’s  knowledge also caused me to think about management, and especially management at international organizations and I decided to get a master’s degree in international business.Moreover, I have a strong preference to study International Business Management, due to its research opportunities at the University of Oulu. I am hopeful, I will have chances to take part in the Institute’s life, for instance, discuss the challenges and different issues presented by global business and benefit from various activities and seminars held there. The Institute’s international focus and aim will help me to gain a wide knowledge of international businesses and markets.Living in Oulu,  one of the largest nature and culture-oriented city with modern technology is a great opportunity.I strongly believe the theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge that I will acquire during the master’s programme at the University of Oulu will help me greatly to build a very successful business venture in my country.I will offer a place in the IBM programme considering my previous achievement in the bachelor’s studies and my future aspirations.I am looking forward to being a part of this prestigious program.Regards,Md Ata Ullah